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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I Am SO Going To Enjoy Sitting Back And Letting This Happen.

So why don't I do comic book videos anymore? Because someone in the UK keeps reporting content. One of my OLDER vlogs just vanished (can't see it in 219 countries I'm told) Why?

"Hi Terry Hooper,
Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked in some countries. This means that your video is still up on YouTube, but people in some countries may not be able to watch it.

Video title: Not Quite A Vlog
Copyrighted song: Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Claimed by: SME"

Somewhere in the background the song must have been playing faintly. If I use a song I always put the credits with the video and then no problem. I'm told the song was "manually detected" then reported to You Tube and the company.

Now this has happened a couple of times and now it is in legal hands.  You see, You Tube hasn't just got a duty to protect or work with publishers of music/TV/movies but it also has the duty of informing its users what is going on and who is reporting what.

So, slimy little toad and mate, I now have ISP you used, your email and your name.  Did you really think you'd get away with it and all the things you've been writing about me (quite defamatory and in some cases provable outright untruths)? 

It's all gone in the file and now I'm waiting to give the word for legal action. Today?  Tomorrow if I wake up in a bad mood?

Time you were legally stamped on and not a slap on the hand -we are going for as much financial remuneration as we can get and then everyone in the "comics community" will be privy to that decision and your name(s).

And trying to get your friends to Friend me on my private Face Book friends and my family pages to see what I'm writing and doing -good luck with that.

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