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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Do You REALLY Need To Catalogue Your Own Characters?

Right. Well, basically, I give the site a miss. I don't think it's been up-dated for a very long time. However, I did provide the site owner with various images of obscure characters from other companies that he used.  When it came to D-Gruppe and other Black Tower 

He can have whatever reasons he has to not include characters from a company going back to 1984 but after my copyright on certain characters was questioned, not very politely either (a third party seems to have been involved in stirring things) I decided to sever any interest in the project.

That's it.  And I checked my email folders to make sure I got it right.

I prefer Black Tower to have a few regular characters but a constantly changing cast with cameos or unexpected appearances. Last time I tried to catalogue my characters there were so many I gave up and decided that they would have to live in my brain and pop out when they need to.

Oh, and on Face Book someone suggested that now 3D printers were available I ought to think about exclusive one off Black Tower character figures. I'm hoping that was sarcasm.

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