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Thursday, 31 October 2013


COMICA PR: WHAT IS A SUPERHERO? with Kieron Gillen, Si Spurrier, Will Brooker, Richard Reynolds & Alex Fitch
Tickets: £6.00
Where: Foyles Bookshop, 3rd Floor Gallery, WC2H 0EB
When: Friday, November 1, 2013 6.15 for 6.30-8.30pm
Supermen and Wonder Women are living amongst us, not only in comics, films, games and television, but as cosplay escapism, alternative personas, communities and lifestyles. Acclaimed British writers for Marvel comics, Kieron Gillen (Iron Man, Young Avengers (above)) and Si Spurrier (Judge Dredd, X-Men), join expert academics and contributors to the new survey What Is A Superhero? from Oxford University Press, Richard Reynolds (Superheroes: A Modern Mythology) and Will Brooker (Batman Unmasked), to analyse the definitions, appeal and relevance of superheroes today.
A Comica Conversation hosted by Alex Fitch of Panel Borders on Resonance FM. In association with Oxford University Press. Followed by book signings.
Tickets £6 from WeGotTickets

Cinebook The 9th Art: SPOOKS 3- El Santero

Spooks 3 - El Santero

Authors: Dorison, Nury & Rossi
Number of pages: 56
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Age: 15 years and up
ISBN: 9781849181709
Price: £7.99 inc. VAT
Publication: September 2013

Cuba, 1902. Freed from its Spanish masters by US forces four years ago, the island is still occupied by its erstwhile liberators, some of whom aren’t all that eager to leave. American businessmen and politicians would like to see Cuba become a full state, while the Cuban people dream only of freedom. When people begin dying... and then come back to life, the SPOOKS are sent to investigate the possible involvement of a Cuban priest and rebel leader—a santero.

 The Spooks seem to be at each others throats at times and all I can really tell you without spoiling a GREAT read is that a Spook dies. Then get to that last page!! When I saw it I said rather loudly --well, a very naughty word. THANKFULLY there will be a second part to this story...but I still have to wait.

Rossi's artwork and colouring is tremendous and gives the pages great atmosphere.  Dorison and Nury's story...enough twists and turns and characterisation to make any comicker happy!

This series gets better with each book!

Cinebook The 9th Art: Lament of the Lost Moors 1- Siobhan

Lament of the Lost Moors – Siobhan
Authors: Rosinski & DufauxAge
Full colour
18.4 x 25.7 cms
Age: 15 yrs +
ISBN: 9781849181693
Price: £8.99 inc. VAT
 September 2013

The land of Eruin Dulea is ruled by a powerful and merciless sorcerer. A generation ago, he defeated his last challenger to the throne, Wulf, in a titanic battle. Wulf’s widow, Lady O’Mara, and his daughter Siobhàn can finally stop hiding, though. By marrying Lord Blackmore, Lady O’Mara places herself under his protection.

But Siobhan is a strong-willed young woman, more at ease with a sword than a spinning wheel, and Blackmore himself isn’t all he seems to be...

Dufaux is a proven writer of high standard material so he knows how to weave a good story.  Characterisation is also good. Rosinski..if I need to introduce you to the art of Grzegorz Rosinski then you have obviously never read the incredible Thorgal or read me raving about him on CBO. Or you could just be new here….

Backgrounds, figures, facial expressions are all complimented by the colour work of Graza.  There is a nice full colour sketch illo of the main character at the back of the book plus a double page spread sketch of warriors moving with blazing torches.

This looks like it is set to be a great new series for Cinebook.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Actor Nigel Davenport dies at 85

Sad news on the BBC news site.
Nigel Davenport  
Nigel Davenport was renowned for his deep voice and fulsome moustache
Veteran British actor Nigel Davenport has died at the age of 85.

He died on 25 October after suffering from pneumonia, his agent Nicholas Young told the BBC.

During a career spanning more than 50 years, Davenport appeared in such films as A Man for All Seasons and Chariots of Fire and the TV series Howards' Way.

His son, the actor Jack Davenport, is best known for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and BBC series This Life.

"It was a privilege, a pleasure and an honour to have represented Nigel," said Mr Young. "Not only was he an excellent actor, but he was also a charming, warm and witty man.

"His performances over the years were powerful and moving; his voice, the envy of many an aspiring actor, was a joy to listen to.

"Never afraid to give his opinion, he lived life to the full and enjoyed his retirement. Immensely popular on both a personal and professional level, he will be sadly missed."

Nigel Davenport on the set of a TV production of Othello  
Nigel Davenport, in black robe, in a BBC production of Othello in 1955 
Born in May 1928, Davenport studied English at Trinity College, Oxford. There he joined the Oxford University Drama Society and decided to pursue a career in acting.

He did most of his early work in theatre, landing his first professional job as an understudy at the Savoy in Noel Coward's Relative Values.

He later joined the English Stage Company at the Royal Court, where he appeared in more than a dozen plays including A Taste of Honey - a play he performed on Broadway in 1960.

On the big screen he appeared in such movies as A High Wind in Jamaica, The Island of Dr Moreau and Without A Clue.

He was best known for his roles as Thomas More's friend, the Duke of Norfolk, in 1966 Oscar winner A Man for All Seasons, and as Olympic committee member Lord Birkenhead in Chariots of Fire.

On the small screen he starred in dozens of TV shows, including The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Saint, The Avengers and South Riding.

In the BBC's 1980s drama Howards' Way he played Sir Edward Frere, the father of property tycoon Charles Frere.

Davenport was an active member of the actors' union Equity and served as its president from 1986 to 1992.
His more recent roles included parts in BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, ITV drama Midsomer Murders and a 2000 dramatisation of David Copperfield.

Davenport was married twice, the second time to actress Maria Aitken. He is survived by sons Jack and Hugo and daughter Laura.

An obituary can be found here:

Tempus fugit

Monday, 28 October 2013

Everything Comes Full Circle.....

The above is an illo to go with a prose story in Black Tower Super Heroes 2. The character is in the fine tradition of comics "teller of spooky tales" and he is the narrator of a story in issue 1 of the aforementioned comic. He also features in a couple of the strips leading up to Green Skies.

But as I was putting the art/text together I suddenly realised that this was NOT the characters first appearance.  Minus hat and bag, the character first appeared in the 1980s and more recently in Tales Of Terror 1 in a strip titled "The Grave" -written and pencilled by myself and inked/coloured by Ben R. Dilworth.

Oddly, I've been find a good few old strips and characters have just neatly fitted in Return Of The Gods: Twilight Of The Super Heroes and the Green Skies storylines. In fact, it's as if I've had the idea all along but it's taken 30 years to realise it!

Who says that comics cannot be fun?

Addenda: someone said the face to the left was spooky and "neat" but I told them I had no idea what they were talking about. Just checked...they were right!!!


George Perez Health Up-Date From The George Perez Fan Page

Several friends and fans have been asking about my health, so I figure an update is in order. I am scheduled for surgery on my left eye on November 7th, so, hopefully, things will start to improve after that. My regular doctor has cleared me to go under the knife and I've been a lot better in watching my diet and moderating my glucose levels and blood pressure. With so many of you sending messages of support, encouragement and affection, I figure I have an obligation to get back into the full swing of things again. I am indebted to all of you, but most of all to my cherished wife, Carol Phoenicia, who has had to bear the brunt of watching me suffer through the discomforts and emotional downturns caused by my health issues and continues to be as solid as a a rock in her love and support. Despite everything that may have made another man feel downtrodden and defeated, I truly consider myself one of the luckiest men on the planet. Thank you, my darling wife. And thank you all.for giving me a life that is the envy of kings.

And if you are interested the men from the TV Show Comic Book Men have a Q & A with George over at:

Take care George and good luck with the surgery!


 DAVE McKEAN previews his musical multi-media Nine Lives!

TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH 6.30-8.30pm


Comica 2013, the London International Comics Festival, kicks off its season of Comica Conversations with the UK exclusive preview of Dave McKean's latest storytelling experiment, which premiered earlier in October at the Graphic festival in Sydney Opera House, entitled NINE LIVES.

McKean will be live at the piano, playing and singing some sneak peeks from this project, as well as talking with Comica Co-Director Paul Gravett about his current and upcoming projects.

From The Sandman to The Gospel of Us, explore the multi-faceted, multi-media creativity of this extraordinary storyteller and image-maker who spans comics, illustration and design for print and online, animation, film-directing, installation, music, performance and more.

For more info and images:

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Desert Peach Musical Returns

The Desert Peach looking like The Desert Peach. Artist: Donna Barr.
The Desert Peach Musical Returns - with a Kickstarter campaign

Donna Barr's classic drawn book, "The Desert Peach," was celebrated in a musical in 1992, that ran for a month in Seattle's Empty Space Theater. Fans have pushed for over two decades to have it revived.

It returns now, with a Kickstarter campaign to fund the concert revival:

Simpsons actress Marcia Wallace dies aged 70

From BBC News online

Marcia Wallace  
Marcia Wallace played Edna Krabappel since the Simpsons began in 1990
The US actress Marcia Wallace, best known as the voice of Bart Simpson's teacher Edna Krabappel, has died at the age of 70. 

Her death was announced in a statement from executive producer Al Jean.

Wallace won an Emmy in 1992 for her work on The Simpsons, as a jaded, grumpy fourth-grade teacher, forced to put up with Bart's antics.

Jean said her "irreplaceable character" would be retired from the show.

"I was tremendously saddened to learn this morning of the passing of the brilliant and gracious Marcia Wallace," he said on Saturday.

Bill Schultz The Simpsons writer and producer
"She was beloved by all at The Simpsons. It's a terrible loss for all who had the pleasure of knowing her."
'A legend'
Wallace had played Edna Krabappel since The Simpsons began in 1990.

Her character was known for the catchphrase "Do what I mean, not what I say" and exclaiming "Ha!" in disgust.

It is unclear when the actress died or what the cause was.

She had previously survived breast cancer, which she wrote about in her memoir Don't Look Back, We're Not Going that Way, published in 2004.

Before appearing in The Simpsons, Wallace played receptionist Carol Bondurant on The Bob Newhart Show and guest starred on popular shows in the 1970s and 1980s such as The Love Boat and Magnum PI.
Bill Schultz, an award winning writer and producer on The Simpsons, paid tribute to her.

"She's an icon and a legend, just a hard worker," he told BBC Radio 5 live.

"When somebody like that comes onto a show and takes on the character, all of a sudden, you know that character in a three dimensional way. She brings life to something that's written on a page."

Harry Shearer, the voice of her on-screen husband Ned Flanders, told the Associated Press that Wallace "brought this huge, positive energy" to her work on The Simpsons.

"She was just a warm and wonderful person," he said.

Executive producer Jean stressed that previous hints that a regular character on the show could be killed off in the next series were unrelated.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Meat is Murder -Morrisey Not Involved!

The second of issue of the three issue story ‘The Butcher of Banner Cross is now available on digital comic download websites.
Meat is Murder continues the investigation of the baffled Police as two more people fall victim to the unknown killer who dissects the bodies and removes their internal organs.
The Office of Paradoxical Unnatural Security Agent, Watkins is equally puzzled by the gruesome crime scenes, but Punchline, a character who is as mysterious as the mysterious as the murders he investigates appears to have all the answers.
“The killer isn’t human and it has to be surreal and serial
or it just isn’t funny. It has to kill five before I stop it.”
This is a macabre tale with plenty of dark humour as what appears to be a flesh eating inhuman creature stalks the streets of Banner Cross.
This is the fourth title in CDcomics Surreal Murder Mystery Series and follows on from the success of Meadowhell, Spring Heeled, and Football Crazy. Previously the art and story have been by Craig Daley, but this ‘The Butcher of Banner Cross ‘ is pen and inked by Chatri Ahpornsiri and Craig said,
‘There’s a lot of gore in this story so I wanted
somebody who could really highlight that and Chatri’s artwork
didn’t disappoint me and won’t disappoint the reader.’
This second 32 page b/w and when appropriate red comic is on sale priced $1.99, £1.35 or Euro equivalent and is available from the following download sites,
And will be made available via Smashwords over the next few weeks on…

Face Book

Seems everyone is on a banning day -is it International Ban People On The Internet Day?

Anyway, my business and family Face Book pages cannot be accessed and I get the message "Your Account has been suspended"  -WHY? Who knows.  My family FB is for family though I do know certain 'persons' keep reporting my business FB to cause me problems.

So if you can't get me on FB use my email!!

PS. Yes, I know there are supposed to be problems on FB currently but my pages went down before this so...I wouldn't get a suspended notice if a technical problem.

Tales From The Kryptonian Blog Deleted by Blogger -NOW It's Back!


I can tell you the blog has now been reinstated. WHY was it deleted? A photograph of a fish sandwich.

I'll repeat that: a photo of a fish sandwich got the blog removed.

I'm sorry but I'm lost for words.

Yes, at a time when blogger is allowing some unsavoury postings it has decided, without giving any explanation, to delete the entire Tales From The Kryptonian blog.

The reason, we assume, is because Santiago re-posted an item that Blogger deleted.  Santiago wrote several emails but Blogger would NOT respond or explain WHY it had taken the action.  The post can be found here:

I've gone over this several times but cannot find an explanation/reason why it would be deleted and then result in a blog being deleted without warning/explanation.

So, freedom of speech does not exist on Blogger??

I better be careful.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hamelin Newsletter

NEWSLETTER del 22/10/2013
Il 10 ottobre sono stati resi noti i nomi proposti per l'Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2014 e siamo molto orgogliosi di essere tra i 238 candidati!


Hamelin partecipa a Gender Bender e a Soggettiva (Bologna, 26 ottobre - 2 novembre) con due incontri:
Mercoledì 30 ottobre ore 10.00 i ragazzi delle scuole superiori incontrano Julie Maroh, autrice della graphic novel Il blu è un colore caldo da cui il regista Abdellatif Kechiche ha tratto La vie d’Adèle, film vincitore della Palma d’oro al Festival di Cannes 2013. L’autrice sarà protagonista di un incontro aperto al pubblico Martedì 29 ottobre ore 17 a Zoo (Strada Maggiore 50/A, Bologna). In collaborazione con Zoo e Rizzoli Lizard.
Giovedì 31 ottobre ore 18.30 al Vanilla & Comics (via del Pratello 100, Bologna) ci sarà la presentazione del graphic novel Alice nel mondo reale, di Lola Van Guradia con le illustrazioni di Susanna Martìn. Interverranno all'incontro la fumettista Pat Carra e Giordana Piccinini di Hamelin.


Giovedì 24 ottobre ore 17 si terrà a Roma alla Biblioteca Europea (via Savoia 13) il terzo appuntamento di una serie di incontri sul fumetto contemporaneo dal titolo L’arte invisibile. Fumetto e altri medi.
L'incontro, a cura di Emilio Varrà, si concentrerà sull’analisi della specificità del linguaggio del fumetto in stretto rapporto a quello di altri media, con un’attenzione particolare alle valenze pedagogiche del linguaggio fumettistico.
Hamelin curerà un secondo incontro Giovedì 14 novembre dal titolo Leggere il graphic novel, sull' approfondimento di alcuni romanzi e racconti a fumetti del panorama attuale al fine di cogliere le caratteristiche, le specificità, gli elementi di continuità e innovazione del fumetto contemporaneo.

La rassegna comprende anche un incontro giovedì 7 novembre con Disegnar di sé. L'autobiografia a fumetti a cura di Alessio Trabacchini, e mercoledì 20 novembre con La rivoluzione giapponese nelle anime e nei manga a cura di Luca Raffaelli.

Dal 26 ottobre 2012 all'11 gennaio 2014 la mostra Ad occhi aperti. Leggere l'albo illustrato sarà ospitata a Imola a Casa Piani (via Emilia 88).
L'inaugurazione si terrà sabato 26 ottobre alle ore 9.30.
Ad occhi aperti propone un percorso nell’universo dell’albo illustrato per guidare insegnanti, bibliotecari, educatori, genitori e tutti gli amanti del racconto per immagini nella lettura di questi libri.
Sabato 26 ottobre alle ore 10.30 Ilaria Tontardini terrà un incontro dedicato a genitori, nonni, educatori e tutti coloro che si occupano di bambini.
Per iscrizioni e informazioni:
0542 602630
International Board on Books for Young People è una rete internazionale di persone, che provengono da 77 paesi e promuove la cooperazione internazionale attraverso i libri per bambini, creando ovunque per l'infanzia l'opportunità di avere accesso a libri di alto livello letterario e artistico e incoraggiando la pubblicazione e la distribuzione di libri di qualità per bambini specialmente nei Paesi in via di sviluppo.

Deviant Art Page

 My Deviant Art page in case anyone is interested!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Scardiff 2013 -It's Getting Closer!

Comic Expo Cardiff is delighted to announce a
NEW CONVENTION this Halloween!
SCARDIFF 2013 is our 1st Horror themed Expo and boosts an
International and multi-channel show.
Co-produced with SHOCK HORROR MAGAZINE and horror writer
Our Guest of Honour is BOBBY RHODES, joining us from Italy. Bobby is a
popular guest on the convention circuit, best known for his work on Lamerto
Bava’s classic DEMONS and DEMONS 2.
DOMINIC BRUNT (who many will know as Paddy from Emmerdale) and
JOANNE MITCHELL will join us to talk about their work on horror features
BEFORE DAWN, INBRED and to show new feature SHELLSHOCKED.
ANTHONY DP MANN is making the trip from Canada for his first UK
appearance. Anthony has made his mark both as writer and director with
last year’s Hammer style horror TERROR OF DRACULA, supernatural chiller
There will be a number of independent movies being showcased throughout
the day and Sunday night is Fright Night with 3 movies in a triple bill.
Plus an interactive panel/ workshop programme with talks and guest
interviews throughout the day.
SCARDIFF will also have a number of authors attending,
CHRIS LYNCH & SCOTT STANFORD. NEW BOOKS will be launching at the
Graphic Novels and Comics will always have a major presence at Expo
and SCARDIFF is no exception!
MARKOSIA ENTERPRISES will be launching their
NEW UK HORROR ANTHOLOGY with signings from various creators on the
Again we are delighted to have a variety of small press publishers join us:
& KNIGHTWATCH PRESS (launching 3 new titles at the expo!)
JOHN (WATCHMEN) HIGGINS will be along with the NEW TITAN
EDITION of RAZORJACK and CRIMSON PIRATE graphic novels and an
EXCLUSIVE PRINT in the works.
We are also delighted to be an official HALL0WEEN COMICFEST Event
with tons of Free Comics !
A SFX DUEL is planned with UK Special Effects creators MIKE PEEL (THE
DAMNED 2, ANIMAL SOUP) going head to head in a a battle royale to
create the very best DEMON! Guest of Honour Bobby Rhodes will choose
the winner.
A wide selection of traders will be in the dealer’s room.
Animation will also feature with
Tickets are available over the summer at the
beastly low price of £6.66
Full details can be found on
Mike Allwood

Scardiff | The First Cardiff Horror Expo