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Sunday, 15 January 2017

93, 000 Views Via Google+ alone in December

I had not noticed it myself but back in December views of CBO items on Google+ stood at 3,503,588 and today it stands at 3,596,435 views.

If I get this correctly (dyscalculie, you know) that's 93,000 views in one month. Up by 2,000 on the previous month.

Direct-to-CBO views for December totalled 32,682

I know that's over 100, 000 views and that's as accurate as I get with numbers!

Not bad figures, but figures don't pay bills.

Monster Mash-Up On You Tube

Miniature Mash-Up has been added to the blog roll. Its a You Tube channel and if you are into Warhammer 40K, fantasy gaming or even modern gaming using figures then this channel is for you. How to make terrain and more at the lowest prices and there are some great idea.

The videos can also be very funny.  A couple had me laughing which was odd. I had to ask what was wrong with me and someone said "You're laughing".  Wow.

And It Isn't Even 13:00hrs BST Yet!

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Why YOU Must Decide On Whether Your Idea Is Worth Publishing AND Take Responsibility

Well, here I am back at the CBO chamber within the Black Tower.  Getting dusty in here. But I want to actually point a couple things out.

I heard recently that someone who was trying to put together a British super hero comic asked around at comic events -you know, "do you think it's worth it?" and so on.


ahem. Sorry. Harsh. Look, the person involved apparently got torn to shreds and the idea was joked about to his face and the killer line was "You can't have super heroes in the UK -it doesn't work!"  I dealt with all of this here:

And then we have super heroes in Germany, because I hear things VERY similar to what that poor British comic wannabe got are said in Germany, too:

Mud-Man, Jack Staff -two British super heroes created by Paul Grist and thought of with a lot of regard because both are fun.  "So-and-so" told that British creator how the very idea of British super heroes sucked.  Repeated by another "name".  Two names I recognised as having hailed Jack Staff as a great British super hero comic/

You will not get any form of support talking to people "within the comics community" because their whole thing is that they are "names" (they write and draw comics ffs) and they are negative about anything unless it gets their names mentioned (they'll still stab you in the back).

Here is the point. You have an idea.  You have a character.  You have a setting -some place you know like the city, town or part of UK you live in.  Go for it. DO NOT go the whole round of "do you think this is a good idea -will it work?"

Firstly, your idea will be stolen by the "names."  I know, most of them do no work these days and live off past glories but they'll steal just the same -and I have witnessed this as a third party.

Secondly, by asking those questions you are saying "I don't really want to do this. I'll pretend I'm serious."

This is the time of Print On Demand (POD). Lulu or even Ka-Blam! -print what you need or have their online store so people can buy -or not. The chance of a big comic company grabbing you and your idea is very, very slim. More chance of you winning the lottery.  If they do grab you and your idea it'll end up with you signing something that gives it all away...and then you are "surplus to requirements".  There's hot new 'talent' they want to give the character to for a reboot to "get it right". With Image you keep your copyright but you don't get paid a page rate -it depends on sales.

Write and draw your comic -either yourself or with a friend who is an artist (but be very clear about who owns what).  Sort out the format -a colour or black and white comic? Monthly? Bi-monthly? Or, rather than do that and try to keep to a schedule, publish the entire thing as a graphic novel or comic album  (we've been over this before but comic albums are A4 -like Cinebook produce- and fall between 48 (standard) to 80pp.  Graphic novels are books. Over 100pp and a complete story -not a trade which collects series' issues together in a book so you might get 1-2 or 3 stories in them.

Find which POD seems best for what you want to publish and get to it.  Diamond are NOT going to carry your book. They are solely interested in Marvel and DC, Image and to a degree Dark Horse but only big companies that make them money. You think you will have the one book out of a couple hundred they'll take? Get a day job.

Your main outlet will be comic events and an online store.

It is your comic. Your creation. And You should be the person who profits from it not just takes a small percentage.  Take full responsibility for your books from start to finish.  Succeed or fail only one person will be responsible: You.

So, whether you are in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy it does not matter: go for it and at least you will have tried.

Friday, 13 January 2017


Terry Hooper-Scharf/ Ben R. Dilworth
Black and white
164 Pages
Price: £15.00 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days

Germany's first super heroes have fumbled along since the “Externsteine Event” ....everything is quiet….

One day something crashes into forestry followed by a “white-out” event and the appearance of the Pied Piper of Hameln and then  the appearance Frederick Barbarossa seemingly out of history at D-Gruppe headquarters and his calling them into action.

Taken to “the Place of the Gods”, D-Gruppe meet heroes from other Germannic parallels –all targeted and some destroyed by a seemingly all powerful being known as “Zeitgeist” and the race is on to find and stop “It”

But there is a traitor amongst the heroes.

They were Germany's first. Germany's best heroes. But will they live long enough to succeed in their task?

This book collects together the first adventure of D-Gruppe –Revenge Of The Ice Queen– along with the three part Zeitgeist saga and the 2012 annual that concluded the German super hero epic— plus other features!

As In Real Life So In Comics -"Stick To Where You Know"

I'm sure no one really cares but the posted videos of Lemgo and other locations in Lippe were interesting to me since its been a few years since I saw Dalborn, Detmold, Lemgo or the Externsteine.

Those names keep popping up in D-Gruppe as Lippe State is where the team is based.  The very first panel of the very first D-Gruppe story (published) opened at Externsteine -"The Externsteine Incident" is seen as symbolising why the team exists. In The Trial (to be seen if and when Black Tower Super Heroes is published), the team leader, Kopfmann, states that he has a plaque in his office with the names of all the children, women and men who died there. 1986 was a rough year!

 Above: Externsteine from the first (published) D-Gruppe story, Revenge of the Ice Queen.
below: another angle of Externsteine, this time from part 3 of The Trial.

And how could I forget good old "Oncle Hermann" -the Hermannsdenkmal sticking right up out of the Teutoburgerwald.  The national monument celebrates the Germannic tribes (headed by the Cherusci) defeat of three Roman legions there.

The page below has not been re-lettered like the one above.

 I won't mention the fact that you get to see German superman Wavell (pronounced "Vah-fell") walking through Lemgo or Nachteule/Eule (Night Owl/Owl) meeting another D-Gruppe member there during the whole Zeitgeist Saga.

Like Stan said: "Keep to where you know"