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Saturday, 15 February 2020

After Yesterday's Post....

not one single word or comment.

WHY do you visit this site if you don't care?

Friday, 14 February 2020

Again I have No Idea WHY I Am Writing This....

I once had seven blogs including the AOP, AE-CE3K, British and UK Golden Ages, my own Terry Hooper blog and blogs covering comics.

All were getting very high daily views but here is what they all had in common:

1) I was actively posting 2-3 times a day on each as well as putting together special mega posts. This was 7 days a week and took up many hours. Some of the highest views were for posts covering books I publish.

2) No one ever commented on any post

3) Simple requests to readers received zero responses

4) Despite all the views on Black Tower Comic and Book posts not one single book has sold after all this work -books that sold were purchased after non blog readers contacted me.

5) with all the high views you might think it meant the blog readers were interested in supporting the continuation of the work. I tried Kickstarter, Patreon, GoFundMe and even a donation box.Not one single penny to any. I have made it as clear as I could that with no support and no income from books being bought that the continuation of the blogs as well as Face Book pages was unlikely.

6) re 5), above: NOT ONE SINGLE RESPONSE

So I closed down the AE-CE3K blog then (after a couple months) the FB page -despite all the blog views and stealing of material by others for their own blogs (which got comments!!).

The most popular )other than CBO) blog was the Anomalous Observational Phenomena one. I gave one warning about closure -nothing but views continued to climb. Second, third and fourth warning. Nothing so I closed the blog (again, material including illustrations I drew and held copyright to) were used by other bloggers without credit. After a few months I shut the AOP Face Book page.

Similar warnings were given on the British and UK Golden Age Comics blogs with the same results. I closed them down so that, as it stands today, only the British Golden Age Comics FB page is still up (for now).

I asked on CBO for a show of support -comments or whatever- and nothing was the response. A couple thousand readers a day do not give a crap. Its take and "f you!"   CBO as far as I am concerned is in its final year after 25 years of existence. If it makes it to Christmas I'll be surprised!

Views on the BTC&B blog are rising and the more posting I do the more views I get BUT this site is here to sell my books via the online store or to get discussion going on those books and creators involved. Views on the BTC&B Face Book page are increasing daily and there is the occasional comment.

With no book sales (my income) I have to decide what stays because hours of unpaid work per day is pointless.

I have no idea why I am writing this since I already know what is going to happen but...

Comment. Support. Buy books. Anything to show your support.  I have closed down blogs with hundreds of thousands of views so if no one appreciates the BTC&B or CBO blogs why bother continuing?

as if you cared.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Dan's Top 10 Action Figures of 2014 - Dan in the Photobooth #208

Warhammer Miniature Basing With Grabblecast

£26.00 plus a few pence International Global Conspiracy or..."meh"?

You see, once every year -Summer and Autumn previously- there will be sales that amount to £26.00 plus a few pence. Then nothing else sells of any significance.

Ominously, the £26.00 phenomenon just hit.

Depressing when you consider the amount of work I put in daily, often into the early hours, to try to sell the books.  Surely £26 hit too early?? Might as well pack things up until next year then....hardly since I doubt the store will still be there.

WHY £26?  Why not, let's say, £1000? :-) It's weird but I noticed this and it seems almost deliberate -is there a conspiracy headed by the Dark Lord Kaos?? Anyone sees a 7 ft (2m) tall, solid black figure with yellow eyes pointing to a photo of me and laughing let me know!!

I'm sure those involved will announce it on their own pages, however, two other two other small publishers are packing up this week. One will be going on to work of the few remaining K Marts (a super market I believe) in his state. As he put it "I'll be earning 100% more than I am now and be able to pay bills". Good luck to him.