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Monday, 16 July 2018

Comic Book Palace (Ep. 25)

The Immortal HULK #01


Second Wave of Book Deletions

As stated previously, today eight (8) titles have been deleted from the online store.  These include Xendragon: The Legacy of Frankenstein, both Thaddeus Twatt books, the Ultimate British Gold Collection.

Other books are scheduled for deletion on 1st August and these and other deletions will not be announced though volumes 1-6 of the British Golden Age collections are slated for deletion -as mentioned previously, at the end of July.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Die Welt im Comic - Webserie von Tanja Küchle - Comic Creative 2017

Further Prose Books and Comic Deletions 2018

If you do not check out the Black Tower Face Book page you probably missed this announcement.

This was announced on the Black Tower Face Book page but needs reposting here as one of the books due for deletion is the Alan Class one. Only 4 copies have ever sold and I have my copies (not for sale) and Alan has his. A book not selling is a waste of space.
BTCG FB Announcement:
While the prose books will have deletions sorted out in November, the comic albums and graphic novels will be looked at in the much shorter term.
There are eight (8) books I had intended to delete today and these include the British Golden Age comic collections. The amount of work put into each book was...a lot! And the contents are very rare to get a hold of. In fact some of the material is impossible to get a hold of these days. However, rather like the 400+ Ultimate Golden Age Collection (collecting all the single volumes together at a lower price) they do not sell.
As far as I recall not one single copy of volumes 1-6 has sold. Again, trying to remember but I think only three copies of the Ultimate book have sold.
I have my file copies and no interest (amongst all the members of the various UK Golden Ages comic groups, blogs and FB page who were calling out for these collections!) means that the books just clutter things up.
Deletion will probably be without warning.
Other titles I will be looking at over the next few weeks.