Friday, 22 March 2019

Roman Legionnaire Quickpaint Guide

Wie werde ich ein guter Cosplayer? - Nerdzig auf der Manga Comic Con 2019

A Few Words

Posted on the Black Tower Face Book page today:

"Why don't you get some of your comic buddies to mention your books on their blogs?"
I apologise if my mind has totally forgotten you but as far as I am aware I do not have any "comic buddies"....not in the UK. The people I know in comics in Europe or the US i do mention and share posts from.
Even people who are comic fans I share their posts. As I see it the problem is that you cannot make someone mention you. I would NEVER guilt trip people into doing anything. Also...I think 95% of those people don't even read my FB posts let alone CBO posts -"social media" is about self not your "friends".
CBO has had around 7 million views and some Black Tower posts are seen or checked out hundreds of times and some times thousands of times. That is a world wide audience -apart from Antarctica and the Arctic views come from everywhere. The POD (Print On Demand) store does not operate simply out of the UK -there are printers for most countries and so the postal costs are local to you. You are NOT buying from the UK and having to pay huge postal charges (I keep pointing this out).
The problem is that if you have had over 7 million views of your blog and about 5 million on the now going Google Plus -and there are many many more views that could be added to these but you get the point. 12 million views of CBO and from that -no questions, VERY rare comments and no sales.
I sold far, far more small press zines with only occasional mentions and word of mouth in the old days than I am selling top quality books in the internet age. Of course, the UK has a 'vibrant and very strong comic industry'!
Selling books is essential since that means I then have the money to go to events (small ones) in Europe Belgium, Netherlands and Germany (let's not mention Brexit here).
I see pretty poor art and books selling well (or so we are told) but I am not here to criticise others or their skills or publications. My books tend to be far cheaper, though! So all I can ask is that if any of you have blogs PLEASE mention BTC&Bs and pass the word around.
For 2019, even though it is only March, there is no possibility of getting out to events (unless local and, believe it or not, I don't even get invited to them) is zero. 2020 -if I am still here- is what I need to plan for so.....
You never know.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Listen very carefully -I shall only say this once!

I fell asleep at 0430 hours and woke at 0625 hours and realised that Theresa May really is the Prime Minister this country needs.  Like Robert the Bruce and that bloody spider it seems the Brexit Plan rejected twice is going for a third vote.  I then checked all the other news and decided that escaping into a world of comics and figure painting was  best.

Comic drawing has been non-existent, however. This is the position my hand/fingers are currently in.

Yes, my stiff little chubby sausages are stuck like that so I have been trying to see whether I can get them to hold pens and pencils again by painting miniature figures.  Imagine someone stamping on your hand continuously after you've drawn a panel on a page -you'll be getting there. My increasing difficulty in walking means I am perfectly suited to sitting on my arse drawing though.

Hopefully this answers two questions; why haven't I produced any new art and why do  I keep pushing Black Tower books (I am the publisher for one thing) it is my only income -and having sold one book in February it's nothing to survive on.

So you now know a little more.  That and $200,000,000 will make you rich!!