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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Saturday 2 December 2023



Hexagon Comics USA now offers a growing catalog of translations of selected titles from the library of a 70-year-old French comics publisher.

You can order our books from our website at or through amazon.

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7x10 squarebound comic, 94 pages b&w
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-267-8. US$12.95 / GBP 10.99.


Two stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by José Luis Ruiz Pérez; Nestor Vagas; cover by José Luis Ruiz Pérez.


In this eleventh volume of Strangers, the heroes clash with the renegade Salamandrite known only as Mr. 17, to prevent the return of his alien masters, the Wan Lords, whom Kabur once defeated in the distant past. First, they travel to the African jungle of Karunda, and then to a secret research facility in the South of France, to stop Mr. 17 from using dimensional gateways to bring the space vampires to Earth.


Special guest-stars: The Guardian of the Republic! Zembla! And the amazing Attaturkey!


Wednesday 29 November 2023

Cinebook Ltd Newsletter 191 - November 2023


Dear Reader,

Three new titles coming out is a blessing, but this month is all about disasters – both natural and man-made. Let’s be honest, though: in comics as in films, those make for some of the best entertainment. So, strap in!

In Largo Winch, for example, we start with nothing less than … a space shuttle crash! Sabotage, assassination attempts, heartless manoeuvring and financial manipulations … It’s all in a day’s work for Largo, sure, but fiery atmospheric re-entry is a first … and it only gets wilder from there!

Then there’s Yakari, whose tribe crosses the path of one of those terrible Great Plains tornadoes. After it has passed, the camp is in ruins, humans and animals are scattered everywhere … and it’s up to the young Sioux boy to locate several of them before it’s too late.

Finally, Jean Van Hamme’s sequel to Edgar P. Jacobs’s The U Ray is here at last, bringing answers and a conclusion 80 years in the making, and it’s got both: man-made catastrophe in the form of invasion and all-out war, and the wrath of nature – or perhaps it is the wrath of Puncha Taloc, the God of Fire. Either way, it’s spectacular and exciting, like the best pulp fiction!

November with Cinebook – the real tragedy would be not to read!

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Thought Bubble in Harrogate. It was good to be back on the festival and convention trail after a long hiatus, and you guys definitely made our day. See you next time, we hope !

Before Blake & Mortimer 2
Christian Cailleaux, Etienne Schréder & Jean Van Hamme
The Fiery Arrow

The Marduk expedition has returned victorious to Norlandia, bearing a precious sample of Uradium. Now the professor can test his revolutionary U Ray’s potency when combined with the miracle ore. But Austradia, the old enemy, won’t take this lying down … Read more

Largo Winch 20
Philippe Francq & Eric Giacometti
The Golden Percentile

The last time we saw our friend Largo, he was orbiting our world in the company of one of his business rivals, having narrowly escaped death by asphyxiation. Who sabotaged their shuttle launch? Could it be the rival himself, Jarod Munskind? … Read more

Yakari 21
Derib & Job
Fury from the Skies

It’s summer on the prairie, a hot, oppressive summer that has everyone’s temper flaring. While Yakari’s family, eager to find the buffalo they are tracking, has moved some distance from the other Sioux, nature suddenly unleashes its rage, and a tornado tears through the main camp … Read more

Bear’s Tooth 6

Buck Danny Classics 5
Operation Iron Curtain

North-American readers, to locate a comic book shop near you that stocks or can order these titles and many more, use this handy Read more 

Or, if you're a retailer yourself, please go to: Read more

Tuesday 14 November 2023

More Figures

Captain Moonlight aka "Old Hooky Yeah I chopped off the hand and leg. Its what I do. I believe it may be a Chap Mei figure?

The Questors
Questors L -R: Dr Bill Owen a consultant neurologist enjoyed investigating strange phenomena "for a laugh" until he was mauled by a werewolf -he is now cursed to be the wolf man. Owen as himself and as the Wolf Man.  Poseidon the "mystery man of the sea", Major Tom Gillen mountaineer and weapons specialist. Had his nose busted in a fight with a yeti. Dr Stephen Holliday Medical and bio researcher noted for being the sole survivor of a ship attacked by a kraaken. Prof Stewart Questor life long adventurer and explorer of...anything anywhere: saved the team when facing Dr De'arth's mercenary group beneath a South American pyramid -he threw a grenade back and tried closing door but blast took his eye and hand. Dr Peter Ashton is a computer pioneer and communications expert and adventurer and noted diver.    Newest member Emily Fothergill is a medical doctor and ex army medic who defended a group of isolated civilians from giant killer desert spiders.