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Saturday, 6 August 2016

I Went To The Expo And Left (within about 25 minutes)

I had gone expecting a fun day. I was even warned not to buy "loads of comics".

The personal slights by three people I have known for almost three decades will not be forgotten. I would just like them to be aware of that -if they cared, which I don't think they do.

In fact, there were a few empty tables, not great comic back issue dealers though I did notice they all had a couple of long boxes of post 2000 Marvel Avengers plus other titles and some DC that were going quite cheapish -though one dealer seemed to think charging three times what another was for the same books was a good idea.

I had been round the event three times in 25 minutes and that was enough.  I purchased a VERY good condition Marvel Super Heroes 16 with the origin of The Phantom Eagle for £5.00 which is about £20 less than some Ebay sellers.  Bought 18 Alan Class Comics -£1.50 each but the exact same books/condition were in the next box at £2.50 a copy (some were lower grade copies) and the guy could not explain WHY they were £1.00 more expensive.

I have to admit I was very disappointed at the event though not many people meant it was easy to get around except for the corridor which had people blocking the way who did not understand "Excuse me" even if it was said three times.  Don't worry: I moved them.  This was supposed to be my one day out for fun.

2017 I think I need to get something sorted out because....gods this was depressing.

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