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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Numbers, Did Besson Rip Off Jodorowsky And Has He Done It Again -or is that SDCC BS?

Now, you might think that CBO gets far more views than items on Google+ right?  Well, that's what I thought but after a posting the other day it was pointed out "Your Google+ views are higher than the CBO views!"

I checked.  that is correct. Google+ assures me that, if anything, the views shown on my profile might be lower than they should be for various reasons.  Like a few more numbers are going to make a difference and I am not joking when I say these are just a lot of jumble to me.

So what are the total number of views?

For CBO the current number of views -as you can all see at the top of the page- are:
2, 356, 234

The total number of views for Google+ are:
2, 979, 236

So, just over 6,000 more on Google+ -or that's what it looks like in my brain. Show me that many real people and I might be impressed (yeah, okay, I would be impressed).

On other matters. I never realised that movie director John Carpenter had sued Luc Besson (currently directing Valerian -filming just finished) over plagerism -and won. Nor that Besson basically threw a fit over it and got to pay out even more.

Check out Comicbookgirl19 if you don't know what this is all about -and profanity warning!!

See? There's even a link to that last post I wrote!

Synchronicity, baby.  Synchronicity.

But why raise this now? Well, after San Diego Comic Con 2016 a few rumours started that certain things seen (I've not seen any movie footage so do not ask me) were either "a swipe" or "an hommage" to another film.  Personally, I can't really see but considering there was a claim Besson's movie (the incredible) Fifth Element ripped off Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Incal I'm hoping it's just comic con BS.

We'll see.

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