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Thursday, 4 August 2016

You Can Buy Them Else Where BUT Not Cheaper!

I only found out the other day that, apart from Ebay where you can pay 3-5 times the cover price for a Black Tower book, which is a HUGE profit for the sellers, my books are online elseswhere.

Norway, Danmark and other countries have sellers listing Black tower books but like the Ebay crooks you'll notice there is around 5-7 days to wait once ordered. Let me explain.

I do NOT offer my books for others to sell online.  Amazon lists them but I withdrew permission because they wanted almost 90% off a cover price.  What the Ebay dealers are doing is ordering a book of mine once ordered. But the seller is buying at standard cost but charging huge amounts to get their money back plus a very, very big profit.  The same with the more legitimate online sellers, though their prices are not as steep.

"3-5 business days" is how long it takes for a book ordered from my POD to get to the buyer. You choose the method and payment cost re. mail service -that has nothing to do with me.  The price of the book is the price I set.

So, "Free delivery" from these dealers is not free delivery as you are paying for it plus much more.  The seller orders and receives the book and then mails it off so pays mailing costs twice. They don't want to lose money so you PAY for the book at an inflated price +the POD sending book to trader + mail from trader to you. It's why they say "7-10 days" for delivery.

Really, if you want to buy the books that way choose the book and send me 4x the cover price and I'll get it to you.  Or you can order direct (link to the right) and cheaper!

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