Monday, 12 November 2018

Stan Lee Dead At Age 95

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  1. Rest in peace Stan, Jack and Steve. Powerhouse creativity. Excelsior. The first I saw of these guys work was in British weeklies. 'The Tales Of Asgard' were reprinted in The Eagle in the late sixties. Also in the pages of such onomatopoeia as Pow and Smash came the characters of Iron Man and Spiderman. Later on the British black and whites where my favourites were Dr Strange and again, Kirby. Always within these pages, messages from Stan 'The Man' Lee. It was marvellous to see how the different styles of work in Marvel Comics, a variety that I picked up on and cherished, and the credits were big, bold and there were portraits of these creators alongside their characters, or leaping dynamically from the pages. There was something more eye-catching than their competitors on the newsagents' shelves. Long before the advent of so many bespoke comics shops. I still have those comics I picked up all those years ago. My earliest influences, alongside Will Eisner. Stan Lee; thank you, with your wife Joan, your tower of strength and inspiration, reunited. Bless you both, who were responsible for the bullpen and so many childhood memories.