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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Ayer's: "F*** Marvel!" Lee: "It's A Compliment!" And Quesada and Smith Are Overjoyed At Suicide Squad Movie

When I wrote that DC and Marvel were literally playing the fans because, like politicians or crooks or newspapers working hand in hand to feed us the pap they want to sell comic fans...and control the industry....well, you probably said "bull shit!"

Here we have Quesada jumping up and down over DCs Suicide Squad movie, the guy behind the movie, David Ayer's saying "F*** Marvel!" and Stan Lee says its a compliment and then Ayer's gets his tongue wedged up Lee's ass.

This is really all re-defining the term "incestuous industry" because it just proves what I wrote previously that Marvel and DC do not just have talent jumping ship left, right and centre...well, one leaves DC for Marvel but goes back to DC....I've covered that...but they have the industry sewn up along with companies like Diamond and the lackey comics press.

Anyway, go read for yourself:

Oh, and let's not discuss Kevin Smith stating Suicide Squad "does DC proud".

The sheer arse-licking here is almost nauseating:

"Thankfully, one respected voice among the comic book fan community has offered up his own impressions of the movie and – no surprises here – his love of the characters, DC Comics history and director’s unique style made Suicide Squad a fantastic experience."

Totally unbiased voice, too -right?

THIS is why Marvel and DC Comics are the way they are.  Everyone is in the other persons pocket or brown-nosing because they all want the big money and for the industry to be a closed shop. Marvel or DC and no other.

I've had a rough day.  Good night.

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