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Friday, 5 August 2016

Is The Reality Check Controller A Secret Cult??

I first posted this on 10th March, 2012 as a look at how the Reality Check Controller developed from the initial sketch jokes for my young niece.

Now,okay, it's low res because it is (but I re-lettered to test resolution here). But if no one is buying my books and has no idea how major a character Fanshawe, the RCC is (particularly in Green Skies) why are high numbers of people going and checking this image out on a daily basis?  I mean, it has never been outside the ton ten viewed posts -but never gotten as many views as the David Gordon interview but still a lot.


You can find pages of Fanshawe in Black Tower though I doubt you'll find any copies of his first appearances in Adventure (volume 1) and "The Ten Dancing Monkies" storyline. Even I'm missing the last part to that!

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