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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Google+ -I Am NOT Closing It

Not sure who thought I said I was closing my Google+ page?  Though I suspect the usual arschlochs trying to start rumours.

After all, on Wednesday the total views there stood at 2, 979, 236 and today, three days later totals some 2, 984, 170.

And, yes, though the old posts stay I have decided the AOP Blog is serving no purpose so is officially no longer being up-dated.  Buy my fecking books rather than try to get everything for nothing -I NEED TO EAT!

The Maakika Art blog is also closed and has been for 3 weeks. Same reason. Nothing sells via it then it's serving no purpose.

The Black Tower Comics blog was also close more than a week or so ago.

These things are not bringing in money via sales then they get closed.  That simple.

That shut-off date for CBO is still on the books.

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