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Sunday, 7 August 2016

If You Saw Me.... that Expo yesterday and you were NOT rude then DON'T panic. Any comments were not directed at you.


  1. Not panicking. I tried to look at the AOP site today and was blocked out. Not acceptable... hmm... not a good omen for tomorrow. Well... sorry that things didn't go better at the Expo; but nobody died, and you could pick up a few nice items. That's worth a smile. Cheers.

  2. A quick clarification before I head off 'ome. The site was blocked to me because my e-mail address or whatever was not acceptable. Such is life - I'll try again tomorrow sometime. G'night.

  3. Hi. No the AOP blog was closed. It's not doing anything to bring me in money or research material and people are, uh, stealing my work and using it as their own. I'll see if I can allow limited viewing but nothing new is going on there...until people buy my books!