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Monday, 8 August 2016

Most Under Used and Under rated Writer In UK Comics?

I was asked on one of my groups about this.  The answer is simple. Paul H. Birch.  Been around a long while now but I think I first saw his work in the Hardware zine back in the 1980s -and the Buck n Ears special.

Paul worked for Pegasus Publishing, Egmont, Image (Dead Ahead).  Wrote a great Spring-heeled Jack strip that was drawn by John Erasmus and written many articles.  He is currently Editor/writer at Target Media Enterprises.

I've seen a good bit of his writing over the years from sci fi, horror and even heroic.  To me, if one writer was going to get work in the United States and find success I would have pointed the finger at him.

He loves music and Rock & Roll Biographies: Iron Maiden is the new book.

Here's a plug:

Rock and Roll Biographies featuring Iron Maiden! One of the few bands Todd Loren and Revolutionary Comics never got to produce due to legal issues! See how Iron Maiden formed, and learn how their monstrous mascot 'Eddie' was created. Forty years of pure metal madness encompassed in 32 pages of comic book history-in-the-making! A must for every Iron Maiden fan!
  • Publisher: ACME INK
  • Writer: Paul H. Birch
  • Artist: Darren Edmonds, Geof Isherwood
  • Cover Artist: Darren Edmonds
  • Product Code: FEB160987
  • Expected Ship Date: 4/27/2016

So, Google him.  Check him out.

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