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Thursday, 10 August 2017

NEVER Trust A Comics Price Guide that Has NEVER Seen The Comic In Question!

This was in response to a question on one of my Yahoo groups

Someone asked whether I had the two Opal Quill annuals titled Mighty Heroes for 1984 and 1985? Well, d'uh! Of course I have.  Honestly.

I was asked which Solar Man of the Atom strips were in them? I replied "None" To which came the reply accusing me of not having the books. What?? I was told:
"The UK Comic Book Price Guide clearly says those strips are in the books"

Go suck a fish, price guide.

This is typical price guide bull shit.

 Overstreet Price Guide 'discovers' a previously unknown early British comic (to them) and there are other things. I detailed that in my article on Defining The UK Comic Ages. 

This is the problem with people not possessing books making up facts to look knowledgeable. From the image below you will see what Dr Solar looks like. He ain't green skinned and he carries a radiation symbol on his chest not a yellow circle. Character on the annual cover looks a bit like him but is not.

I'd still like to know why both annuals had covers that had nothing to do with contents, though.  Seems like a cheap packaging job.

Above: the real Dr Solar

The 1984 annual contains European material ~Astroman and The Fearless Roldan, a fantasy strip. See attached again.

The 1985 annual contains some semi paranormal strips ~Fifth Dimension:Earth Attack and 5th Dimension The Chelsea Butcher. Then there is Centaur:Into Another World. Then A Case For Inspector Dan:The Ribbon Murders. Titans: Commando Zeus is the only super hero strip.

All strips seem to be of a Spanish/Italian comics style.

So if you are a completist and think Gold Key strips or even Dr Solar are in these and want to buy...don't!

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