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Monday, 11 September 2017

Apparently Image Comics REALLY Do Hate Me

I was willing to just let the first THREE times go.  But I got this:

We have received a DMCA complaint for your blogCOMIC BITS ONLINE. An email with details of the complaint was sent to you on 11-Sep-2017 and we have reset the post status to "Draft". You can edit it here. You may republish the post with the offending content and/or link(s) removed. If you believe that you have the rights to post this content, you can file a counter-claim with us. For more on our DMCA policy, please click here. Thank you for your prompt attention.

And the offending post was Jonathan Ross & Ian Churchill Signing Revenge #1 from February, 2014!

Yes, a four year old press release FROM........Image Comics.

The company that hit me with three other DMCA complaints recently because they did not like mild criticism.  Mild criticism outweighs all the positive things I wrote about them.

This seems to be a tactic used by Marvel and Image if you say anything they do not like or criticize them.

Like the trolls and the flamers ~those who are mentally inadequate~ you don't normally see these things but Image Comics wants to target me and this blog then they get a shout out. They seem to be aiming at getting this blog shut down.

Normally I would ask if you have a blog to mention this or pass it along social media but I'm guessing the response would be nothing again after all who cares if a comic company is attempting to stop free speech?

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