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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Get Wasted For £3.25!

Introducing Earth’s new comic for Today’s Youth Gone Wild!

WARNING: If you are under 18, you don’t actually have to report yourself to authority, but you should know you’re just too damned young to read Wasted and that, well, we’re sure the little internet people will know exactly what you’re up to! Oh well, maybe next year…

However, if you are over 18 then sit back, relax and enjoy our twisted tales, crazy yarns, outrageous boasts and superbly strong, yet maliciously whimsical sexy babes!


Simon BisleyFrank QuitelyJon HawardAlan Grant: you’ve seen them handle Batman, Superman and Judge Dredd. Now see how they handle humour! WASTED is a new, full-colour, 64-page anthology quarterly from Bad Press Ltd. With strips like “War On Drugs”, “Lust In Space” and “Waccy Baccy Races” – plus at least 20 others – comics guru Brendan McCarthy says: “Wasted is the best new comic since Deadline!” And Brendan has never been known to be wrong! OVER 18s ONLY!

I just love that cover and the interior strip that goes with it is pure lush! The sort of work you might expect from a mainstream company.  My mum was German. She had a Vampire Vixen style outfit.  I don’t really want to go there.

All the usual suspects are in here including Jon Haward with his Tales Of The Buddha, which is excellent as ever.

One thing I was a bit surprised at was Smuggling Vacation by Jason Wilson. It’s in grey tone here but originally it was published, and is still available, in full colour -both albums all the details (minus images that WordPress seem to have deleted):

How can you go wrong -and it is only £3.25?!

Hopefully the Bad Press boys will be at the Bristol Expo this year but the mag goes from strength-to-strength.
See blog roll for Bad Press web site to order or see more!

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