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Monday, 14 February 2011

Greek Street vol.2 from Titan


In this second volume collecting, issues #6-11, a shocking new drama unfolds on Greek Street as disturbed mother-killer Eddie and aristo visionary Sandy try to get to London where Dedalus investigates a suicide and an urban witch tries to get through to a monster.
  • Titan/Vertigo
  • 144pg.
  • Color
  • Softcover
  • £10.99
Right, Peter Milligan will need no introductions but, as I just remembered not all CBOers are from the UK or US let me point you in this direction:

Oh, the above site does state that Greek Street was cancelled before it got to a second trade  book.  As I have the second trade book I’m guessing the site meant just before the second trade book.

Yes, this can be violent, a bit bloody but there is a good, solid story.  Davide Gianfelice’s artwork I’ve no complaints about.

Oh, hell –yes I have one complaint: the police helmets on what would be page 12 of book two –WHAT?!  Overly tall and Keystone Kops sums them up.  There are enough photographic references for this type of “thing” to be unforgiveable today.

It was the only negative thing I could find. Either I’m getting old or losing my touch.  I would recommend this book and not having seen volume 1 I can tell you that this one is readable right off with no problem.

If the BBC or ITV really wanted to make a gritty TVG series then they should look at Greek Street.

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