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Monday, 14 February 2011

ROK Comics and Interviews

a champion for independent comic artists on mobile

From John Freeman, head honcho of Rok Comics and Down The Tubes big-wig (I do apologise if he thinks I’m saying he wears a wig. Hey –I wear a chest wig):

“Our just-posted short interview with comics artist Rodrigo Diaz Ricci, one of three comic creators who we’ve worked with to create iPhone Comic Apps – Ligeia the Vampire: Treasure of the Vampire, by Rodrigo; Madd Science, by Steve English; and Mobile Gospel by Rich Diesslin.

Rodrigo’s interview is online here at:

Steve English:

Rich Diesslin:

Please note that all images featured are © the individual creators or ROK Comics.

We’ve published three creator-dedicated comic Apps so far, which are live on the iTunes store. An update of each is currently with Apple for approval, so if you’d like a review code, please let me know and I’ll send you one once these have been approved.

John Freeman
Editor, ROK Comics
ROK Global, Cameron House, White Cross, Quarry Road, Lancaster LA1 4XT
Office (Mon, Tues, Thu Only): 01524 841105


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