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Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Note For The Diary....if you even cared

I have no other income and I have pointed out before, things went well past desperate months ago. It's a day~to~day survival thing.

And out of the 20,000 who checked out the Black Tower posts in the last couple weeks, again, not a single book sale.

I could go on but I think it has been proved time and again that CBO visitors dont give a shit. No support for want to just buy Marvel it says a lot about you.

Anyway, dont expect too many posts and the 18th July is the "ultimate" crunch time for me. I'm not expecting things to go well and if they don't you won't be seeing any posts.

Almost 40 years of publishing through all the problems and the people who killed things off..."comic fans"

That's it.  Might be one of the last things I write on CBO but books dont sell I dont eat or pay bills and to be honest I have totally given up.

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