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Monday, 10 July 2017

I Am NOT Going To Say "Sorry"

It seems that the fact I posted French and German language comic related videos really annoys a few people.  Not that they say so in the comments section, of course.

You see, not every country speaks English.  But guess what? There are people in other countries who love and read comics in their own language.

Okay, take a deep breath. Hold it in....okay?

It's like the reaction you get when you tell Americans that they did not create comics only created a popular comic format size, which has changed over the years. Jim Steranko in his Steranko's History of Comics, points to England's Punch & Judy and printed versions as the first comics.

Some claim that the first real comic was created in Scotland and the 1830s as I mentioned here:

Then again, Wilhelm Busch's creations Max und Moritz first appeared in 1865 and are hailed as, possibly the first comic book characters.  Oh, and to repeat a point which some dispute despite my publishing in the disputed post images (!!), Germany had comics during World War 2 and they were not "Strictly banned as Jewish created propaganda".  Here:

And CBO gets visitors from China (though I have found no Manhua videos), all over South and Central America, Canada, African continent, India, Japan and Asia.  Not all speak or read English where those visitors come from ~I am THANKFUL to those who do and visit CBO~ but I try not to exclude them.

CBO was never intended for "English speakers only" as that threw out 95% of the comic reading world!!

There are 5, 506 published posts over 56 internet pages going back to 2011.  Look, read, enjoy ~and something looks like it might be worth updating let me know (don't panic that was a joke as I never expect anyone to comment ....!)

Enjoy it while it lasts and ignore the moaners.

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