Thursday, 21 June 2018

CBO Breaks Internet! CBO SUSPENDED! TROLLS ATTACK!! Hang on...

...yeah, that was 8 years ago!  It's funny in a way because I got bored yesterday and my mind decided that it wanted to know how many pages on Blogger CBO took up.  Well, I can tell you that -65 pages in total (I think we just popped into page 66!) and in those pages are crammed  6351 posts -since 2011!

If you are on the Black Tower Face Book page you will have read this yesterday:

SATURDAY, 29th JANUARY, 2011. The current CBO Blogger page had, I think, 85 views -it was an emergency back-up site for the Word Press CBO.  

From 85 to 3,581, 785 (according to the page stats) in 8 years ain't bad. Considering that three sources claim that should read 6 million ...that ain't bad! 
I iz da King! 

However, on that day in 2011 I had to report that the WordPress CBO was suspended. This after repeated blocks.

It turned out that 1,500 to 8,000 views per day was overloading the system -daily figures at the time were even higher. So I moved to Blogger just as my 'associate' at the time suddenly announced he had sold the blog page (but he couldn't do anything with CBO because that was mine). Turns out he also took advertising money but my name wasn't involved so...

One thing I have learnt: any crap that happens will happen so be prepared for it BUT if it does not happen that's a plus!

In fact, the other thing I learnt was to work alone and never rely on anyone else. Case proven again recently.

Here is a link to that 2011 post. Nothing has changed...some might say those in comics have gotten worse!

Incidentally, the site owner who called CBO a "no name site"...he and his blog vanished a few years ago. The blogs of his friends who joined in to start a flamer war....all gone.

It's quite sad in a way. For one thing no company has really taken advantage of the fact that CBO gets so many views. No paying ads, nothing but stress!  I should be rich by now or at least be doing RPG, toy and more comic reviews!

In fact, the saddest part of all of this is that, apart from one fairly well known comic writer who I banned from the old Yahoo 360 CBO and then the WordPress CBO and explained to his publisher why he had received a life ban, it was not until the trolls of the comic book community and forums -the people who worked in British comics- found they had more time than work and asked "Why the hell does he get more views than ME?!" that things got messy.  In fact, I do not get more views than them.  CBO gets more views.

But these people are insignificant anyway -that's why they troll or jump onto the whole "SJW" non phenomenon.

CBO avoids the arguments.  There is enough nastyness out there and comics and comic sites should be there to entertain us and be fun.

I do have to laugh at the Bristol Library Service who blamed their computer for blocking CBO on the grounds of promoting devil worship/satanism! Oddly, on those occasions the posts in question were Archie Comics -LOL!!!  Obviously the computer could only do what it was programmed to do. As my late friend Franklyn Davin-Wilson stated: Input Bad Data =Output Bad Data!

If you are interested in that 2011 post here is a link:

Read and enjoy your comics and have fun.  Go on.

*Basically, he did not think that his work was praised highly enough and he belittled the artists he worked with stating that they could never have turned out excellent artwork without his brilliant writing. Seriously.

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