Sunday, 17 June 2018

How About sending Comics In For CBO?

It was suggested to me that it might be easier, rather than telling people to contact me on CBO for an email address, to give a mailing address.

I keep asking CBO visitors if they publish a comic -whatever language- or want to send me samples of comics being published in your company, to get in touch.  It helps me see what is being published in countries that usually slip under the comic scene radar and what small pressers are also doing.

So, if you want to send me stuff please do -include a covering note if you can. Anything can be sent to the below address where I will be able to pick it up:

Terry Hooper-Scharf
c/o 203 Ashton Drive
Ashton Vale
Bristol BS3 2PY
United Kingdom

If you include an email I will let you know when your item arrives.

Hopefully someone -anyone!- will forward items and that could lead to new posts and, I hope, new insights into comics outside the UK.

If you are in the UK or US and self publish then you can use the same address.


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