Tuesday, 5 June 2018

CBO Hit 6 Million Views...But You Would Never Know It!

Apparently, according to people who are more tech savvy and know how to do these things, CBO hit 6 million views on Monday.

Now, Blogger gives me three different stat views.  (1) Total views at the top of Home Page  (2) Over vioew and (3) Audience (on dashboard.  All three are completely different.

It seems that Blogger, owned by Google, does not like to register any browser used to view CBO that it does not own. And we all know about Google and its connections. Even my Google+ account varies in views because, again, you ain't using Google you are not being counted.

I have also discovered why images keep vanishing from posts -something I've been asking Blogger about for a few years but they refuse to respond.  Apparently, someone or thing at Google does not like an image -it goes.  There does not appear to be any criteria as to what vanishes, it seems pretty random.

You might think a blog getting as many views and bringing all that traffic to Google might make them happy? Well, no, because they are not earning any money from advertising on this blog. The big con about Adsense is that YOU, as the blogger, have to take full responsibility for what goes onto your blog, however, you are NOT permitted to check out ads being placed to make sure they are suitable -last time they sneaked gambling adverts onto the page despite my making very clear I was opposed to any gambling ads. The money racks up but when you ask about payment you'll find that there is suddenly a reason why you cannot be paid and you are banned from having any Adsense ads.  I thought it was me but I know ten other bloggers had this happen.

Why is China and Hong Kong not appearing on CBO stats? Because someone "somewhere" decided that they did not want views from China to be recorded or even anyone knowing the Chinese checked out CBO.

Blogging is not as free as you might think.  I have considered moving CBO to a new site but there are too many catches.

Buying a site I own and having more freedom is not an option. I'm a day-to-day surviving person and I do not have finances! No books sell and there is no financial support from anyone (not even after 6 million views) so if push comes to shove something goes...probably the wallpaper.

THANK YOU if you are a regular reader or one of the 6 million who have visited CBO. Now...there is a link to the right to the online store so.......

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