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Monday, 11 June 2012

Fluide Glacial: Al Crane Integrale

Al Crane Integrale
Lauzier & Alexis
Fluide Glacial
Hard cover
Full colour
96 pages
23 x 31 cms
ISBN  9 782352 072669
25 Euro
Released 20th June 2012

Now, I know a little about this. Al Crane was initially published in Pilote in..1976(?) and is written by Gerard Lauzier and illustrated by Alexis.  This is basically an “Essentials” style book.

Now, if you like Spaghetti Westerns then you’ll love this. Fast guns, loose women, fist-fights, some injun action, stampede, saloon fight (there HAS to be a saloon fight), a disastrous locomotive ride –have I mentioned gun-fights and loose women?  Quite violent, brutal and gory in parts –the bounty hunter has ay of proving he got his man without carrying the body about (see page below).

The colour and format bring back a lot of memories of 1960s/1970s comic buying in Germany.

I love Western comics!

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