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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

KSTR: Rocher Rouge 2/Red Rock Volume: 2: Kwangala Connection

Rocher Rouge 2/Red rock Volume: 2: Kwangala Connection

Author: Eric Borg  
Collection: KSTR
Full Colour
118 pages
Dimensions: 19.1×27.8×1.4 cm
ISBN: 2203043350
EAN: 9782203043350
Price: € 16.00
Release Date: 13/06/2012

Apparently (having not seen it) the end of Red Rock 1 left things open and so, with a new artist –E. T. Renart, Eric Borg offers up a feast of delights.  Revellers who were set down on Red Rock are not all dead –one who escaped returns to the island looking for the truth and any possible survivors.  Helping this truth seeker is the aging Mr. Forsell who refuses to admit to himself that his daughter, Eva, is dead.

The island becomes the scene of revenge as atrocious as the torment endured but the nightmare does not stop there.  It is  believed that the Maboukou, Blood God and King of Red Rock, still lives.

Not having seen volume 1 I have no idea what went on or the difference between the art styles.  However, this is quite brutal and gory and as I reached the end I just had to wonder what would come next?  As I turned the final page I laughed out loud.

Nope. No spoilers on CBO.  Some might argue it is not the most original ending but it was so well delivered it really worked!

Good, bright art and a well done story.

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