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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Brian "Bib" Edwards

For those of you involved in the Small Press or who were active in the 1980s and read the adventures of Captain Biplane in Braque (google and you'll find examples online) I have some sad news.

Creator Brian "Bib" Edwards sadly died yesterday. He was in his seventies and in a care home suffering from pulmonary fibrosis.  Apparently, the last words to his family were: "I'm going to sleep now" and he passed away.

My sincere condolences to his wife, Lynn, and his sons.

Tempus fugit, old son.


  1. From Ben R. Dilworth in Japan:"Just read your mail about 'Bib' Edwards. God, that's a bastard. I read a couple of 'Bib's comics back in the 80's ( one Braque ) and thought the guy was a genius. Whimsy, humour, craziness and pathos, all rolled up in old style comic book sensibilities. I still have fond memories of the Braque I bought and it's dodo-bird character."

  2. When a close friend of Bib's told me he had died earlier that day the sadness was overwhelming. A lovely man who was kind, generous, with no malice and a good listener. I will always remember the humour we shared in our student days and the more recent on "line chats."

    "Chocks away Captain Biplane."

    My deepest and sincere sympathy to Lynne and family.