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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Something Gamers Might Not Care About.

MiniWarGaming Online Store  

Let's face it, if you are into 40K gaming then you don't give a crap about how you get your figures so long as you get them.  "Store-owners are allways saying how bad things are for them!" is the usual response.

Now, for a few years I wrote (over on the Word Press CBO blog and a few times on this one) about how Diamond Distributors operate a monopoly which means they push what they want to -ie. Marvel, DC and Dark Horse- and push every other publisher aside.

I outlined the problems as put to me by store owners. So how many of these frustrated and angry store owners came forward publicly? Two. That was it.  Their attitude was the same as most comic fans -so long as they get the Marvel and DCs f*** everyone else.

Games Workshop has, over the years, tried to push out competion and corner the market -concerns of store owners who had been faithful to them for years got the big "up yours!".  In 2013 the company basically changed how they deal with retailers so that many closed down or simply struggle on. 

Now, what follows are three videos explaining these changes by a Canadia, an American and UK store owners.

If you just dont give a crap then okay. f*** you.  But if you do believe in fair play and showing up the bullies trying to run monopolies PLEASE watch.

Mini wargaming in Canada. Followed by a video from a US game store and, finally a UK store.

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