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Tuesday, 4 February 2014



Eureka Productions is pleased to announce the revised 3rd edition of Graphic Classics: H.G. Wells, the third volume in the Graphic Classics® series of comics adaptations of great literature.

The long-out-of-print volume returns with 80 new pages. New to this edition are "The Island of Dr. Moreau" adapted by David Hontiveros and Reno Maniquis, plus a newly-illustrated "The Time Machine" by Antonella Caputo and Craig Wilson. Returning are "The Inexperienced Ghost" by Tom Pomplun and Rich Tommaso, and "The Star" by Brad Teare.

Now twenty-four volumes and growing, the Graphic Classics series presents great fiction in comics and illustration for contemporary readers ages twelve to adult. Each volume features the works of the world’s greatest authors, illustrated by some of the best artists working today in the fields of comics, illustration and fine arts.

Graphic Classics print editions are sold in bookstores, comics shops, or direct from the publisher Libraries and schools can order from Diamond Book Distributors, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Follett or other distributors.

The Graphic Classics series is also now available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices or computer viewing from bothiVerse Media/ComicsPlus ( and Ave! Comics ( Library digital sales are are through iVerse or Overdrive.

“Unlike most of the other volumes in Eureka’s visually arresting and diverse Graphic Classics series, this installment, focused on the father of modern science fiction, concentrates on four longer stories rather than a more wide-ranging sampling of tales. The more involved treatments, practically a necessity, given Wells’ canon, make for a dense and very satisfying experience and benefit from the use of a variety of styles. Young readers suspicious of what they might consider less “sophisticated” science fiction may be pleasantly surprised at the primacy and timelessness of Wells’ ideas and the insight into human nature lurking beneath the surface."
— Jesse Karp, Booklist

Reviews of the Graphic Classics series:

“Innovative visual entrées to great writers and their legacies.”
— Stephanie Zvirin, Booklist
“A splendidly inventive series.”
— Malcolm Jones, Newsweek
“So imaginative, evocative, and compelling in their execution that they leave readers with no choice but to crave more.”
— Michael Dooley, Imprint

(3rd edition)
Edited by Tom Pomplun
Published January 2014, Eureka Productions
Distributed by Diamond Book Distributors
(ISBN 978-0-9825630-7-6)
144 pgs, 7 x 10", paperback, b&w, color covers, $12.95(US)


The Graphic Classics series:
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: EDGAR ALLAN POE / Volume 1 (978-0-9825630-0-7)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE / Vol. 2 (978-0-9746648-5-9)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: H.G. WELLS / Volume 3 (978-0-9825630-7-6)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: H.P. LOVECRAFT / Volume 4 (978-0-9746648-9-7)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: JACK LONDON / Volume 5 (978-0-9746648-8-0)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: AMBROSE BIERCE / Volume 6 (978-0-9787919-5-7)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: BRAM STOKER / Volume 7 (978-0-9787919-1-9)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: MARK TWAIN / Volume 8 (978-0-9787919-2-6)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: R.L. STEVENSON / Volume 9 (978-0-9825630-3-8)
HORROR CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 10 (978-0-9746648-1-1)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: O. HENRY / Volume 11 (978-0-9746648-2-8)
ADVENTURE CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 12 (978-0-9746648-4-2)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: RAFAEL SABATINI / Volume 13 (978-0-9746648-6-6)
GOTHIC CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 14 (978-0-9787919-0-2)
FANTASY CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 15 (978-0-9787919-3-3)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: OSCAR WILDE / Volume 16 (978-0-9787919-6-4)
SCIENCE FICTION CLASSICS: Volume 17 (978-0-9787919-7-1)
GRAPHIC CLASSICS: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT / Volume 18 (978-0-9787919-8-8)
CHRISTMAS CLASSICS: Volume 19 (978-0-9825630-1-4)
WESTERN CLASSICS: Volume 20 (978-0-9787919-9-5)
POE’S TALES OF MYSTERY: Graphic Classics Volume 21 (978-0-9825630-2-1)
AFRICAN-AMERICAN CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 22  (978-0-9825630-4-5)
HALLOWEEN CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 23  (978-0-9825630-5-2)

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