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Friday, 11 July 2014

So, there I was diggin this hole, a hole in the ground, big and sorta round...

Or, rather, after a week of house-clearing and box lugging.

The point is that someone on my old Face Book page emailed me and wrote: "You never responded to -------s comment!"  I pointed out, AGAIN, that I have not been on FB for about three weeks. So I go check. Yes, he's not joking the comment in question is there:

" I'm not a stupid superhero writer, thank you."

Now this comes from someone who tore into me over a joke and it was the last straw for me on FB. This person is someone I promoted from the 1980s onward and still have been doing so including their annual comic event.  I write lots of things but mainly super hero.  How does that comment make me feel?


You see, my comment to this person that others knew was a joke resulted in my being told to use a "smiley" next smiley after that recent FB comment.

It's nice to know that after almost three decades you can be misunderstood and outrightly insulted by someone who you've always treated with the highest regard.

This is why I no longer have dealings with the, uh, 'comics community'!

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