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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Your Attention Please

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've been reading my blog for years but just totally ignored how often I've said that pdf and files on discs are not/in no way/absolutely not accepted for review purposes.  And links to files hidden away of some online file share service...NO!

CBO only accepts hard copy review books and please I do not want to hear all the whining excuses.  You do not want your book reviewed on a high traffic blog that's your business. I don't care why not or to hear the sob story.

Next, comic shops keep thinking that I am going to mention their latest attempt at promoting a Marvel or DC title or anniversary event.  Why?  Do I get an invite? No.  Do I get a sample of the merchandise or item being promoted?  No.  Why -why should I sit here wasting my time promoting Marvel, DC or a comic shop for free?  Ever heard of paid advertising (on CBO)?  Does the comic shop owner or the PR person at Marvel or DC do their work for free? No.  You want me to do that, though?  Sure. **** you.

I'll always mention comic conventions for the readers out there BUT that does not mean publishing a free lengthy PR every day to promote it. Also, even if I cannot make it an invite is still nice.  But you have to ask how "happy" I am to promote events that keep turning down my applications for tables every year ("Sorry but you never won a table this year!" -really? I'd win a table and not have to pay?  Oh. I would...full price? Then if I was one of the first to apply who got the tables -your pals?).  Those events are off my list.

Kick-starters. No no no no no no no no.  Get it?

And, uh, 'friends' in the business who ask for favours and for me to promote/mention or push their latest book...those 'friends' who will NOT do the same for me...**** you to.

I realised, well after a lot of other people did, that I tend to get used a lot by people who simply never reciprocate.  In fact, this has been going on since the online version of CBO started over 14(?) years ago.

You want a book, a dvd, a t-shirt (large, please), a comic or a book promoted then we barter.  My time and CBO space for goodies -or you pay to advertise.

That's the bastard talking for this fine, sunny day.

Thank you.


  1. Could not agree more. It's a sad fact of the whole world that people ignore you when they should listen, misunderstand you ( wilfully ) when they should think a little more and expect favours ( for no return ) simply SIMPLY because they ask, and don't understand why - indeed, often become beligerent little fuckwit rumour mongers - as a result. Enjoy the sunny day, Terry, it's raining down here.

  2. Well, here in Gods own country its a bit cloudy but still blue sky. And, believe me, I've posted (last count which was about 6 months ago) over 40 times explaining all this. But my 'regulars' still keep coming!