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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cinebook The 9th Art: Buck Danny 5 -Thunder over the Cordillera

Buck Danny 5:Thunder over the Cordillera
Authors: Francis Bergèse
Age: 10 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages:  48 colour pages
Publication: January 2015
ISBN: 9781849182379
Price: £6.99 inc. VAT
Managua is on the verge of civil war. Arrested by order of President Sanchez, Buck and his friends have managed to convince the pilots of the Managuean Air Force that their nation’s leader is in the pockets of drug cartels.

With the assistance of the unit they’d come to train, Buck escaped to request assistance from US authorities. Meanwhile, Sonny and Tumb will have to help their rebel allies fight back loyalist forces – and Lady X’s mercenaries…

If things looked a little grim in part one of this story then...."things hot up" even more in this continuation.   Drug cartels, intrigue and some good old aerial action that might not have been out of place in a British weekly war comic like Battle.

Buck Danny is legendary -hopefully these books will see his legend grows to include the UK!

You can read my review of part 1 -"No Fly Zone" here:


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  2. The in 2013 started successful spin-off "Buck Danny Classic" will be translated and issued too?
    The first dyptich was issued in 2013 and 2014 (in France, Belgium, Holland. Germany in june 2015).
    The scenaritsts Frèderic Zumbiehl and Frèderic Marniquet, the great drawer Jean-Michel Arroyo and the outstanding colourist Ketty Formaggio are already working at the 2nd dyptich.

    My sources:
    0 .

  3. I'm hoping it will. Cinebook have published the newer stories to establish characters -such as Lucky Luke and the older books are now seeing print. Hopefully the same with Buck Danny. Cinebook are always kind enough to answer queries from fans so they can probably tell you much more about their plans. Thanks for the comment and links -I will check them out!

  4. OK.
    In 1988 Amusement-USA published Buck Danny #41 "Operation Apocalypse" by Jean-Michel Charlier and Francis Bergèse by-the-way.
    Some impressions:
    - cover-art, front:
    - page 1:
    - page 3:
    - cover-art, rear:

    Ebay-auction of this rare album:

    This year we may expect Buck Danny volume # 54 too: scenarist Frèderic Zumbiehl and drawer Gil Formosa are working on it.
    Editor Dupuis-Brussels intens to issue 1 Buck Danny and 1 Buck Danny Classic album a year.

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  6. I almost forgot to mension regarding the new (and successful) "Buck Danny Classic" spin-off series:
    RTL/Radio Luxembourg had in 2014 an interview with the "Buck Danny Classic" drawer Jean-Michel Arroyo, regarding his then just issued 2nd album "Duel over Mig Alley":

    We may skip the Luxembourg and French language, but this vid contains 14 minutes of detailed scans from this album. Enjoy!

    Buck Danny updates regularly in this (US) forum topic:
    Also on this French forum:
    The story behind the Buck Danny Classic spin-off:

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