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Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Phantom. The Ancient Alien Gods. 2000 AD and The Supernaturals

Hooper's Bumper Review Sunday is over.  Enjoy it?

It's odd but that comment years ago that I was spoilt comic-wise just might be true.  I was putting books away and then decided to sort the shelves out even more.  I picked out at least seven books I could not even remember having.  Then there were the books and comic albums I had forgotten about including The Phantom Comic Album #2 from World Distributors going back to January 1967...

Phantom Comic Album TPB #2-1ST

How can you not love that cover?!

Or how about from 1978 (I think)  The Gods From outer Space: Revolt Of The Titans? Published by Magnet Books.  I think there were only four (I have just the one now that I inherited from my late research colleague Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson after his death in 1983).  There was 1. Descent in the Andes  2. Atlantis, Men and Monsters, 3.  The War of the Chariots and, 4. Revolt of the Titans.

Man, the memories!

Then I found the 1994 2000 AD Yearbook which, I think, was the one Managing Editor at Fleetway, Gil Page gave me.  Had a lovely fold out cover.  A very nicely designed cover.

Ahh, I got it.  Fleetway had, circa 1987, a comic based on the rather un-sensational Tonka Toy line The Supernaturals -preview comic cover below....

When Fleetway was thinking about (for the second time) what was supposed to be successor to that title, The Paranormals (the intro story -24pp?- was printed for the first time in Tales Of Terror 3 from Black Tower),  I had sent a European comic -I think it was a Small Press one- where they had used a fold out cover and I suggested that it might be a good idea.  On a later visit to Fleetway Gil handed me this beauty.

That 1994 Year Book really had a very cool designed cover and art.

After finding these and others I sat down to watch Finding Bigfoot....and fell asleep.  I'm guessing they never did find it.

Meh.  That's life.

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