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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Well, I'll Be *******

Well, can you imagine how pissed off I was?  "About what, Terry?" you ask.

Well I'll tell you.

I follow news of a few Independent comics and Small press people.  Today I was reading the latest when not one...not two....not three...but FOUR announced that they had booked tables at conventions yesterday and today. 

Why does that annoy me?

Three weeks ago I was told by the organisers of those same events that all tables had bee advanced booked and none were available.

Do I smell the British comic Mafia at work again?


  1. Yeah I found out quite by accident while looking for a book by an artist 'friend' (they do realise you CAN see their exchanges??) that he is far from a pal. Always wants me to push his stuff so I've something to say next time he asks. Also, yes, a couple of "names" have been telling their organiser pals that if I turn up they won't. It's like little kids Maybe they just need sex badly?