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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Why Are My Comics Not All Bagged In Mylar?

Having watched my vlog on comics I received an email comment and the sender was surprised my comics were not all in Mylar bags.

Someone else asked me why they (comics) were not all "Mylar'd up" so......,

Above: what is left of my once great Class collection.  They WILL be archived up at some point.
Seriously, up until my mid forties I had no permanent home.  Even the one I'm in now the Council is pratting about over.  I have a few 1940s/1950s and 1960s comics in bags but there are things I have to consider
 In the corner are bagged Silver Age and Bronze ages comics. My complete run of the 1960s Sub-Mariner and I even bagged The Essential Sub-Mariner. Also The Invaders (Marvel), some Marvel Super Heroes (#1- ) and a few others I like to read through every so often such as DC Comics "Judgement Day".  See -I do bloody bag some comics!
1) I just pick up comics to read them.  I'm under no illusions they are my "retirement fund" in waiting.

2) I have comics of all size: US as well as A6, A5, Quarto (along the size of Class), A4, UK weeklies -all shapes and sizes -even the 1980s Eagle and Battle Force and 2000 AD could vary slightly in size from week to week (as I found to my cost) and in the 1970s/1980s Battle and some other comics look longer -they aren't really it's just that that are not as wide.  I think for my old weeklies I once worked out I would need SIX different bag sizes.  The Tarzan weekly/monthlies I showed, again, are thick and a little larger than regular UK weeklies  And my Russian fold-out Piccolo comics?

I did buy some "British Magazine size" bags once -just annoying.
Above: that shelf by the doorway has been re-stocked!  Ignore the gaming stuff but in the comic bags behind the tanks and lead cowboys are my volume 1 Mighty Avengers collection.  These I bag up.  Sooo many were stolen!
Denis Gifford didn't bag up all his comics!

3)  I have been put under no illusion by my family that when I snuff it anything other than my books being sold off and, if no one buys, burnt, is going to happen.  Bristol Central Library has no interest.  Personally speaking I'll be dead so....  Of course I'd like to have seen others appreciate the books but in my near 60 years (60??!!!) I have seen research friends and people I have worked with pass away and the same thing happens -as a rule most stuff gets dumped or burnt -we're talking naturalists, wildlife researchers and researchers into the odd and weird -famous ones to boot.  I shall be no exception as I cover all those categories and have huge paper files.
Above: under the doorway shelves are archive boxes containing bagged comics and after I sort the entire room out they are going to need re-boxing!

This is the hallway cupboard. Some 16 archive boxes with Marvels, DCs, Archies, some Independents and, again, some bagged but standard comic bags not Mylar and not boarded (though my silver age stuff is boarded).  There are a further....8 of these boxes in my room.

So, long-winded, but I have comics in archive boxes.  My volume 1 Mighty Avengers are bagged as are a few others but as I am the only one who cares about the huge collection...that said, my Great Nephews will be getting quite a library when they are old enough.

If I could drive and had a van (truck) I think I'd sell at events IF it were possible to get a table at any!  That or a small book stall.  I can dream.  Certainly would be no stock shortage!

Maybe I'll be cremated on a mound of comics and graphic novels in my garden -that'll get the neighbours moaning!

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