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Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Find...What MIGHT Have Been

I have nothing better to do with my life.  Face it, 6 months and no sales means the industry is terminal and while I still have a roof over my head I decided to waste time and go through some files stored on disc.

Back in 2007, I was talking to both IPC and Egmont about a new monthly comic.  A few old characters and some new ones.  IPC quite honestly, declared that it had no interest in comics any more (which was after chatting for months!) which left Egmont.

As the months dragged on it was me who finally pulled the plug on Thunder Monthly as a year had almost passed.  It seemed no one I spoke to knew much or anything about comics -there were no comic book professionals there any more as most had retired or been pushed out.  I also had to face the problem that, as soon as the project was passed along, anyone involved before denied knowledge!  it was a really surrealistic situation.

Submit project. "Hey, let's see more!"  Submit more and explain more.  Could this or that be changed? Of course it could!  Done and re-submitted.  "Sorry, what is this?" asked someone I had never heard of before. Start from step 1 and move along. All going fine. "Sorry, what is this?" asked another person I had never heard of.  I really, honestly doubt that senior management were seeing any of this because if they was a mess.

The cover was a pencilled illo of The Leopard From Lime Street by the late Mike Western. My inks added and then coloured (I think by my brother?).

Here is the art.

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