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Thursday, 8 June 2017

I Try

I try very hard to avoid politics or outside world stuff here but...

If you vote Tory wave goodbye to Human Rights in the UK as they have promised to scrap them.  Wave goodbye to the NHS and proper policing.  Goodbye to proper local funding and care.  Wave goodbye to freedom of the internet because the Tory promise is that a Government agency will control and censor it.  Goodbye to a free press because the Tory's have promised to curb that and openly stated only news THEY want published will be published.

If you live in an area that voted Brexit and vote Tory you are about to get what you deserve.

If you did voted Brexit in Wales when the EU funding was all that kept Wales going (because the English Parliament didn't give a crap about you) and you vote Tories and they will be "drastically cutting" your non existent funding when the EU money stops. I'll be laughing.

Vote for a clueless leader who has no idea but thinks Orwell's 1984 is a good idea rather than someone with a fully costed and fairly set out plan.....

In 6 years you will be screaming for the EU and another government.

But it will be too late

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