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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Quick Update

I have already noted that, because of the financial situation (ie. I do not have finances!), updating and posting to CBO is now a very low priority as I have legal battles and others to fight.  Also, as we approach month 7 of absolutely no sales of books the situation is not going to improve and that was supposed to be my sole income.

The PC I purchased in 2007 is dying on me. Let's not go into the problems that causes but, obviously, if you are working in print on demand and (not) selling your books over the internet you need a computer.  To say that the very temperamental laptop is not really a sufficient back~up is no joke. It has none of the programs I use for publishing and buying them would cost more than buying a new PC which is, frankly, ridiculous.

But I chose comic publishing.  My fault.

If, however, anyone notices after a year that I have not posted or updated (I live in hope someone might notice)  then you or he or she, will know why.

Sounds grim?  Hah!  You should be living it, babies!

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