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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The First Ever Post On Blogger CBO

Because the number of visitors to the old Word Press CBO kept shutting the site down (on one day 20,000) I needed to set up an emergency back~up blog.  Lucky considering what happened later.

However, this was the first tester post on CBO!


Merriwether [Vol.1] Pages

Three pages from the above titled book published in 2009 and up-dated and published in a second edition this year.
I ought to address a few questions about the Good Reverend.

Firstly,how did I go about creating him? Well,I once lived next to a church and on one occasion saw a group of clergymen of all shapes and sizes. However,one was at least 6.5 feet tall-that’s about 1.82m. He had greased back hair and rounded spectacles. Thing was this Reverend was also skinny. I thought “If he had some muscle on him he’d look impressive!”

When I decided that I needed back-up strips for Black Tower Adventure in 1992 I thought that a demon-thumping Christian would be great. However,I wanted to avoid the cliche of a Roman Catholic priest and thought “Why not a Church of England vicar?” Yes,the soppy,liberal Church of England was going to become hardcore [and we're not talking mucky videos here!].

So I beefed up [is everything sounding like a double entendre?] the tall vicar and immediately his name came to me.
The series was to have been much longer with the warning given in “The Horror Of Hobb street” coming to pass [buy the book and see what I mean]. Vampires,werewolves,a village of demons and then I thought to myself that the series needed to end quickly [for personal reasons I'll not go into here]. And so,the Very Reverend Merriwether confronted the ultimate evil -Satan himself!

And if you’ve bought the book you’ll see how that ends.

After drawing this I was given a batch of old videoes which included End Of Days starring the 20th Centurys greatest action hero -Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ahh,luckily I’d not seen the film before that final Merriwether strip was drawn!

That said,Arnie is too short to be Merriwether.

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