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Friday, 7 July 2017

Tomorrow Is Small Press Day...So What?

I got an email today. Nothing shocking there. It was from the Alternative Press people and announced that a large number of comic shops around the UK were taking part in tomorrows Small Press Day.

Oh, comics industry in trouble and now the Small Press is acceptable in their shops?

I really do not care abot "Small Press Day" nor the comic shops taking part.

In the past comic shops -including some of those on the list sent- have stuck their noses up at stocking my books. Some have been downright rude.  Am I going to do anything to promote them now that they need to draw in new customers?


As for the Alternative Press organizers, I have no interest in supporting them either.  I have, on CBO in the past, described their ignoring of emails from me when I have wanted to take part in their events or been told, after events, that they "can't remember" my email.  I keep copies of all my emails.

Am I going to support them?


It is a two way thing: people cannot expect me to promote and push their events (in this case the day before ffs!!) and yet....they can ignore me. No, I promoted and published in UK comics and the Small Press since the early 1980s. 1984-1990, Bristol was seen as a "hub of comics and zines in the UK".

So where is the Bristol part of this national Small Press day taking part then?


Bristol is not involved.  And yet, when I asked (back in February) the AP about possible Small Pressers taking part in a Bristol mart that actually was planned for tomorrow....nothing. Same email address but typical response.

If idiots only send out PRs the day before a national event to advertise it....I wonder whether they even purchased any toilet paper for themselves?

Piss me about do not expect my support!

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