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Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Coincidence...or not?

I posted the two fan films of Strontium Dog and I think I mentioned somewhere that I was getting hold of a copy of Volume 1 of the collected Strontium Dog strips from Starlord and 2000 AD. And I did simply for the nostalgia of the Dogs hunting down Adolf Hitler!

But email...two emails...eventually four emails.  Not comments left here as should be expected but sent to my mail.  "If you support Rebellion Studios why do you never review their books?"  That was it.  Each phrased slightly differently and I never bothered responding to any of them in detail just "Please leave your comments on CBO.  Thank You"

Everyone should know by now that any book sent to me gets reviewed.  Enough people see those reviews so there.  I do not go out and buy review books.  If I buy a book it does not get reviewed (very rarely and I think Saucer of Zilk was the last time?).  I have no free to spend cash so rasberries to you anyway.

CBO has been going long enough and is not that hard to find.  If Rebellion or any other publisher wanted to send books for review then they just need to get in touch. NEVER pdf so stuff you (I note another blogger was daft enough to accept a pdf link to a book and his computer got hit with a virus. For goodness sake -LEARN!).

So I would never suggest this was some form of organised email sent out but 4 emails, same subject in one day?  Please.

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