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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Don Rosa in Angoulême 2016 - Added Artwork and info

This video posting proved highly popular and I think that tells you a lot about Rosa's popularity with fans.  He has had disputes with Disney and Egmont but retired several years ago due to eye problems.  You can read a quite accurate biography here:

This part of the entry will ring so true to many long term comic creators out there:

"During early summer 2002, Rosa suddenly laid down work. As an artist he could not live under the conditions Egmont was offering him, but he did not want to give up making Scrooge McDuck comics either. So, his only choice was to go on hiatus and try to come to an agreement with Egmont. His main issues were that he had no control over his works. Rosa had discovered too often that his stories were printed with incorrect pages of art, improper colors, poor lettering, or pixelated computer conversions of the illustrations. Another matter was that his name was used in promotion of books and collections of stories without his agreement and without sending royalties to him. Rosa has never, as with any other Disney artist, received royalties for a single use of any of his stories worldwide.[5]
Rosa came to an agreement with Egmont in December of the same year, which gave him a bit more control over the stories and the manner in which they were publicized."

You see, I was done that way and so have many others -Fantagraphic Books foreign editions of books I did for them I found out about years later. Don Lawrence and his legal battle should be well known to any comic fan interested in comics history.

In case you wonder what he did for Disney...

List of Disney comics by Don Rosa

Don Rosa explained to CBR why he quit comics here:

Just remember that you can have fun reading comics but there are very very few creators out there who make a decent living and do not get screwed over -the more successful ones tend to not complain or draw the readers' attention to this as they become part of the Big Boys Club.

We should all have learnt a lesson from Lawrence and Rosa but, as more than one comic fan has told me "who cares?" They get their Marvel (or used to) , DC and Image so why should they.

Although they are on CBO -somewhere- go to You Tube to watch Don Rosa give a guided tour of his home/collection -I think there are four parts and you pick up a lot of information to boot!

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