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Monday, 3 July 2017

Too Violent For 2000 AD?

I may have posted this before on the old CBO site.  In 1986 I submitted these pages ~pencils by me and inks by Ben Dilworth~ to 2000 ADs editor by request.  Not even sure what the story was but out of the blue I got a phone call and was told the pages were too violent for 2000 AD....

Yeah...that struck me as odd.  "Too violent for 2000 AD"

As  it happens I found my note book from 1995 and in it I note a phone chat with a former boss over at Fleetway. The real reason the strip was rejected was...get ready for this..."==== (editor) couldn't get his head around the art style"  Well, we are talking about an editor.

artwork (c)2017 T. Hooper/Ben R. Dilworth

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