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Saturday, 3 March 2018

But...This Was One Of My Pension Comics!!!

This is what I've been reading.  Near as new as when I bought it!

Back in 1985, Condor Verlag's Die Neue Gruppe X nr. 22 cost me DM 2,80 and the story was Das Schicksal Des Phoenix or The Destiny of the Phoenix or if you read X-Men #137 - The Fate of the Phoenix...

Now, well over 35 years later and in the condition it is in and the story-line I'm thinking that I may well be handling comic book gold.

An hour of checking around every and any German comic site I could find and I found the true and highest value for my pension book on Booklooker

4,00 € 

Uh....what?!!  Hang on.let me check that again.  No, it isn't 400 € it is definitely 4 euro. So, basically, a little bit over what I paid for it back in 1985.  What the Hell is going on -I invested in that and I was told to invest in comics and "in 25-30 years time you'll be laughing".  I'm laughing alright.

I think we all know that I've never fallen for the "investment" comics crap. I notice one pundit had to disable comments after people who purchased books he said would be "sky-rocketing in price" by 2018 (he said this in 2016) found their prized books were selling for less than half of what they paid.

A fool and his money.

It was fun to read the German version of this book and notice just how spelling and the German language in particular has changed in over 30 years!

Nice back cover advert too.

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