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Sunday, 4 March 2018 is your princess and here is the horizon....

The total views stats for February are 66, 230 which is not bad for a month with fewer days in it. And for the last week the UK has been the top viewing country -for the first time ever and pushing France into 2nd place.

France -what did I do wrong??? :-)

Also for the first time ever, Turkey is the third highest CBO viewing country and has pushed Russia, the United States and Ukraine back down the list.

I no longer try to work out why people visit CBO or what attracts them here -they are here and that is what counts.

Interestingly, the review of Tommy Ross's Better Than Nothing has been at the no. 1 and no. 2 most viewed post since it was published.  Let's hope he gets some sales from this.

I was also asked about Paul Grist's Mud Man and Jack Staff.  Your guess is as good as mine.  In 2014 Grist announced on his Face Book page that there would be more Mud Man.  Nothing after that so in 2015 I asked him about Mud Man and Jack Staff.  No response (his FB page has not been up-dated since 2014).

So if you see him at an event -corner him and don't leave until you have a straight answer!

My bet is we could still be waiting in another 6 years!

You want British super heroes there's this thing called Black Tower Comics...?

No. No one ever does. I approach kids in supermarkets and ask if they want to see some comics and all you get is shouts of "Stranger danger!" and "Mum! Dad!  Quick -ugly pervert!!" Honestly.

Next time I'll wear clothes.

Rumour mill has it (that's Face Book by-the-way) that Paul Ashley Brown is working on the final ever Browner Knowle.   Pharmaceutical companies are already panicking over the prospective loss of anti-depressant sales.

On the other is your princess and here is the horizon....

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