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Monday, 12 March 2018

Wednesday Comics- Osborn's Back Baby!!!

For me the whole point of CBO was to have a place for comics news that was not just mainstream orientated -and to hear what fans thought about comics and what they were buying.  With Comic Book Palace we get a wide range of views but when you look around the You Tube Comic Community you get down to individuals in their comic rooms and that gives you a greater insight into fans.

Yesterday's posting of Ghost Critic's reviews got a high number of reviews -over 100 which, for a video reviewing comics is not bad and those are views coming directly from social media links: literally anyone who popped into CBO to check things out would have seen the link.

I have mentioned Koestenbraumstar (based in Canada whilst Ghost Critic is based in the UK) before when I looked at the Sub-Mariner as it coincided with a look at the series in one of his videos.

There are other YT Comic Community reviewers and fans out there and I have included some on the blog roll (Hippyscollectibles is currently on hiatus) such as Captain Strangelife.  But in this video Koestenbraumstar takes a look at what he bought and discusses Norman Osborne...aka the Green Goblin and a series I missed when it came out.

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