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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I have Two Big Ones and a Small One...

....I'm talking posts so get that other thought out of your minds.  Seriously, the dirty minds you find on the internet!

Basically, I have two rather large comic posts and...actually one ready smaller post but two others almost completed.  The thing is that I am not going to publish them here. They remain as drafts and will do so for as long as I decide.

I had a chat with someone who pointed out that continuing to do big posts was rewarding the "want it for free crowd" and that I get nothing out of it.  Well, that last part is a little fib: for one mega post of thousands of words I was corrected on the spelling of one.  No "Interesting article" or "That must have taken a lot of work" just "You spelt that wrong!" In fact, I spelt it correctly in English but not American English so not really an error.
The odd news item or video (now that I've sorted that out) yes but when I'm struggling on a daily basis financially it makes no sense to put so much effort into freebies.

So with no reader support things will be quieter here but there are still 6,103 posts here (I cannot guarantee that Blogger has not lost all or some of the images) that you can read.  Support by buying books.  Easiest way.

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