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Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Glimpse Into The Black Towers ROOM OBLIVION!

WHY does Blogger delete posts?  sigh.

I was asked what "Room Oblivion" was?  Well, it was a jokey name I coined a few years back for the room that I work, sleep and eat in. These photographs were shown on the old CBO in 2010.  You'll see UK comic annuals, trades, collections and a few figures and even the odd model tank (gamer, you know).
Now, these photos were from 2010 so you need to add a couple hundred more books and comic stacks not to mention gaming figures to make it look like a true "Room Oblivion"!
Occasionally things get tidied up but as anyone working in publishing/drawing/writing comics will tell you, things usually look like a bomb has hit the place (or some very messy aliens -it happens).  It allways makes me smile when an artist on Face Book posts "Finally tidied up the place today so that it's un-recognisable....that's it until next year!"
So, here are the photographs and if any of you spot the missing socks please tell me where you saw them -I can smell them but not find them!


  1. Yep, pretty similar to my flat - the beauty of it is, I know where anything and everything is, despite appearances!

  2. Know where everything is? Yeah. Its in this room just don't ask WHERE???! :-)