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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh Mother I can feel the soil falling over my head...

Well, anyone miss me after a week?  Nope. Didn't think so.  BUT it seems that people have taken the opportunity of little new news (if you'll forgive the double negative) to check out older postings.

BOOKED! the new Bristol event has received quite a few viewings as has the Lakes Comic Con.  Bristol Expo (despite for the third year running providing no press releases so I  guess I am NOT on their PR list -I've only promoted and supported the event for 14 years!) items have been well viewed though I've decided not to go chasing about the net for up-dates.

Reviews of Casterman BD titles, Cinebooks The 9th Art and other publishers titles and even a few old articles have been visited by a whole new group of comickers! Honestly, I'm not even here and  the site is still getting 10,000 hits a day.

So why wasn't I hear from Monday to today (automated items are not really me, y'know!) ? Well, last Sunday I felt more unwell than usual and Monday it hit me. WHAT hit me I have no idea but severe joint pains, splitting headaches worse than any migraine I've had before, nauseau....well. I was "unwell" and that led to me losing 10 lbs (allmost 5 kilos).

Yeah, that is a new photo and thanks to a large jowl (jaw) and some honking jaw muscles I don't look too bad. Kind of handsome...."handsome".....yeah, see, I'm still not fully recovered yet but at least I'm wearing trousers that are baggy and the last time I wore them was YEARS ago and they were....well, uh, "too tight" (I remember that court case well).

So, review books, DVDs -you got 'em then send them.

Take Care Kiddies

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