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Monday, 10 March 2014

Titan Books: The Complete Accident Man...AT LAST!!

Writers  Pat Mills and Tony Skinner
Artists Duke Mighten, Howard Chaykin, John Erasmus, Martin Emond
 Black & white and Colour
Hard cover
On Sale: March 11, 2014

ISBN 9781782760559 
£19.99 UK

As sexy as James Bond, as lethal and discrete as an air bubble to the heart, Mike Fallon is a genius at the art of making assassination look like an unfortunate accident.

The Complete Accident Man collects, for the first time ever, four tales of sex, revenge and violence, written by legendary comics author Pat Mills together with Tony Skinner and artwork by an outstanding selection of international stars!

From the writer of legendary titles Charley's War, Marshal Law, Nemesis the Warlock and many more, with artwork by a murderer's row of talent, and a cover by the indomitable Howard Chaykin!

 Anyone remember Rod Taylor as Boysie Oakesin the movie The Eliminator, based on the Liquidator books (7 of them) by John Gardner in the 1960s?  Well, Boysie Oakes was a coward and how he "liquidated" targets was quite funny.  However, with "The Accident Man", there is no question of cowardice. But there are some well orchestrated killings!

In fact, when this series was first published in Toxic! comic I was not too keen. What changed my opinion was the absolutely luscious full colour art of John Erasmus when he took over. I still say his was the best run on the strip.  Now you can see those pages lovingly reproduced in a great quality book.

You know, looking at the internet you would think that only one person was involved in this comic -Pat Mills. I doubt Pat Mills will object to all the attention.  Now, despite some hit-and-miss artwork in places, and the Chaykin cover (I much prefer the back cover art) there are some nice touches such as how the strip got started and even sketchbook pages.

I really cannot recommend this enough and despite what I just wrote, that front cover is eye-catching.

Treat yourself!

Treat a friend!

BUY a copy.

At least the creators got paid properly this time.

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