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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Titan Books: Uber vol. 1

Writer Kieron Gillen  art by Caanan White
 Titan Books 
Full colour
US trade
176 pags
1 April, 2014

 Über, is a collection of issues #0–5 from the best new horror series of last year from Avatar. This graphic novel re-imagines the super-soldier in a stark new bloody vision…

April 24, 1945, the world holds its breath as the war is only days away from ending.  Russian troops move through Germany to the final objective…Hitler himself.  As those around the mad dictator crumble, the much ridiculed threats of the “Wunderwafen” materialize.  A new weapon is delivered, one with unstoppable power – a weapon like no other and with a madman pulling the trigger.  The Ubers change the direction of World War II providing a dark and uncompromising alternative history in a way that you’ve never seen.  

Well, how much longer can comic creators (or anyone for that matter) churn out more Nazi crap? 

I have to say that I sat down expecting a good read but this left me totally cold. I had forgotten how Avatar like to hide so-so books behind gory violence.  "Hey -look: his head exploded all over the place in a really childishly imagined 'how a guy's head explodes' way!"  By the time I was half-way through I'd lost interest.  However, I had to continue.  When I finished reading the book I just "huffed".  That was the reaction it had on me. 

" the super-soldier in a stark new bloody vision..."  pftt. 

As for the artwork. Can I point out to who-ever is in charge of editing that if you do a colour book featuring Soviet era soldiers then you need to remember that those BIG stars on their helmets are red and not white.  Seriously -it's like drawing Swastikas and colouring them in yellow. Rape, killing.....all par for the course in today's comics (where rape seems to be entertainment) but I just did not like the art style.  I try never to be too hard on the artist as the colourist is to blame for the white star and the artist is drawing to the best of his/her ability.
This was the best new horror (horror?) series of 2013? I hope it improves.

But when it comes down to it my opinion as a reviewer does not count greatly. It's the people buying comics who put the money in those store tills. And I know that there ARE a lot of comic fans who just love this type of thing. So, if you see it in a store check it out and see what you think.

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